The ideal food to run better

How many times we decided to go to the gym and at the time we get almost prepare for practice then we run away. Even to play our favorite sport we often feel tired, and we find no explanation for that feeling of heaviness and lack of appetite. The answer is likely related to the type of food you eat, a key factor for your performance, as research shows some foods can reduce energy levels of your body.Healthy life

Now running become a very exciting sport, it elevates our energy level and makes gradually overcome the limits we set for ourselves from the first day, something very rewarding after all.

If you have chosen to become healthy and want to lift your fitness level high enough, you must have to adequate food to give your body the essential components to improve performance at the time of the race.

The food you should consume:

You have to know what steps you should take and later you can prepare your body in that direction when you start everyday jogging:

Be aware you have to eliminate the soda from your diet, including diet soda, fast food, and white flour. They should be replaced by mineral water, whole meal flours, fresh fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals.

You should not start a race or competition without having foods that rich in potassium, such as bananas, kiwi, grapefruit, and mango. These will help you to prevent cramps and muscle

Eat a lot of carbohydrates; they will give you a lot of energy and fats that carry vitamins A, D, E and K to build the tissues and generate proteins in your body.  This will help you to burn only the fat and keep your muscle intact during the exercise session.

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Remember you have to keep your body well hydrated:

drink plenty of water before starts your run and also consume water during running and even after running. The lack of electrolytes may cause cramps that hinder your performance and force you to leave from the run.Healthy food

Among the foods that promote this kind of sport, we highlight the following:

Salmon: Salmon has a rich amount of Omega 3; it also has the Omega 6, which helps you to keep your bones and muscles healthy. Its high content of calcium, iron, and potassium will give your body the necessary elasticity they need to prevent fractures.

Seaweeds: They prevent the onset of osteoporosis because they contribute high amounts of calcium and magnesium.

Quinoa: This South American grain is a source of high protein that contains ten amino acids your body needs to function properly. It is also very easy to digest.

Green salads: They help you to increase your energy by giving you full of chlorophyll, fiber, and minerals. You could also serve this with the olive oil and sesame dressings.

Smoothies: You could boost your energy level by consuming a daily shake that contains many essential proteins such as chia, flaxseed, coconut, cocoa and spirulina (a type of seaweed).Healthy food

Who doesn’t want to live a healthy life? By following these little tips and consuming this food, you could give your body a way to energized perfectly and accelerate the stamina to run without tiredness.

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