What to eat during pregnancy

Pregnancy Diet

Healthy eating during pregnancy is the greatest gift you can give your unborn child, but there are also many rewards you can gain for yourself if you are doing so.

Pregnancy DietStart healthy eating:

Many expectant mothers forget that they also can be benefited from healthy eating during pregnancy. What you eat has a direct impact on how well you deal with the changes your body experiences during pregnancy and how fast your body will recover after it. In addition, eating healthy also can help you with the physical and emotional challenges that involve carrying a baby inside and at the time of giving birth.

Pregnancy DietChanges Happen In You:

On the other hand, a lot of them saying that during the 9 months pregnancy women have a flash in the face that makes them look beautiful is rarely true. Especially during the first 3 months, some women are haggard, thanks to the fatigue and nausea characteristic of that quarter. The second trimester improves, and one does not go with a certain green tonality in the face but you have to deal with varicose veins and cramps.

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During the last trimester, other discomforts appear will come such as swelling and acidity. Some of these problems can be recovered with the help of a balanced diet. Eating foods with complex carbohydrates help to reduce tiredness and you have to stay away from fatty foods that may fight heartburn.

Pregnancy DietPregnancy and Health:

There are studies that show that pregnant women who ate healthy throughout the gestational months had a safe and complication-free pregnancy. Other studies show that complications such as high blood pressure are directly linked to the poor diet during the pregnancy. High amounts of sugar and polyunsaturated fats may increase the risks of reducing assimilation of vitamin C, E, and magnesium.

Pregnancy DietThe benefit of eating well:

For some women, the best benefit of eating well during pregnancy will be counted at the time of giving birth. A well-balanced diet will prevent premature pregnancies and provides the energy and stamina needed to give birth.

After giving birth it is important to continue your good diet habits. The body needs many resources to recover from the stretching suffered and the loss of blood. It is essential to continue eating well for at least 3 more months after giving birth.

Another benefit of healthy eating during pregnancy is that you get used to of it and remember do not let it pass by even after giving birth. Eating healthy is not something that you do for yourself but you set the example for your children as well.

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