Tips to Get the Perfect Wedding Party

If planning the wedding isn’t hard enough, couples are also tasked with planning their wedding reception party; although these don’t typically need to be ‘lavish’, a lot of work and thought goes into planning the wedding reception. If you are planning a summer wedding, you may want a wedding party outside, but if you are having a winter wedding, then you will want it to be based inside. Here are some tips to get the perfect wedding party.

The Venue

There are many gorgeous venues to have a wedding party; you could have an outdoor setting with large gazebos/ canopies and a stunning seating area. Most venues will have staff on-site to hand out food and drinks, but if you have hired a venue with no staff, you could always get in touch with a Mobile Bar Hire Stroud based company such as, or a bar hire company near you to hire a luxury bar for your wedding party – they even have trained bar staff that is included with the bars. Most venues also have tables, and table cloths included, so you can have a lovely sit down meal for your wedding guests.

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Stay Organised 

Once you know everything that is happening on the day of the wedding reception, you will need to give a schedule to the venue staff, so they will know everything that is happening and at what time. Don’t forget to keep staff updated with any deliveries coming to the place, so they can prepare the venue. Make sure the DJ has all of your songs on hand that you want to play, and double-check they have your first dance song. For your wedding cake, don’t choose something too over the top that could potentially topple and create a wedding disaster, make sure to choose something elegant and simple – here are some top wedding cake ideas. If you know someone who makes cakes for a living, they may be able to make you a wedding cake at a cheaper price, and there is the added confidence that you will get it on the day.

The Sit Down Meal

If you’re having a sit-down meal, you will need to make sure that you place the guests tactically, for example, if someone is coming to your wedding and they don’t know anyone, place them next to someone who can talk easily – you won’t want their time there to be awkward. Make sure to include some party favours for your guests to take a look at whilst their meal is being prepared. For children, perhaps put colouring books on their table to keep them occupied.

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Keep Your Guests Entertained 

Make sure to include fun things for your guests to do such as a wedding book for them to write a message and sign. If there are kids at your wedding, you could hire giant outdoor games such as ‘Giant Connect 4’, this will also be a bit of fun for the adults too. You could even hire a photo booth for guests to take fun pictures; they include props, lighting, and a top of the range camera to capture high-quality photographs. They commonly provide 2 sets of photos for each shoot, one for the guests, and another for your guest book. Make sure to get your guests up and dancing at the disco, and more importantly just have fun.

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