Preventing Senior Falls at Home

Research reveals that falls are among the leading causes of death for seniors above the age of 65. Falls at home can cause broken bones, hip fractures and head injuries. Falls without significant injuries can also cause seniors to become depressed, fearful, or make it hard for them to remain active. If you have an aging grandparent or parent, it would be nice to help them avoid falls at home. You can achieve that by reducing the risks of falling by taking precautionary measures.

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One way of preventing falls for seniors at home is to understand the factors that can lead to a fall. For instance, seniors lose their balance and gait as they age. They lose some coordination, balance and flexibility over the years. The other factor is the vision. Less light reaches the retina of an aging eye, which makes obstacles and contrasting edges harder to see. An eye check-up can also help. Some prescriptions can also cause dehydration and dizziness. That is why it would be nice to hire Washington dc home health care for your aging parent or grandparent. The services will assist with pain management and coping with chronic conditions that make it harder for seniors to maintain balance.

Grab Bars

You can reduce the risk of falls at home for seniors by installing handrails and grab bars. The devices are useful safety devices that help seniors as they go up or down the stairs. You can also install handrails and grab bars in the bathroom, to help them as they step out and in the bathtub. It is also essential to have a caregiver at home to help around. It would be equally essential to increase lighting in the house and install non-slippery flooring.

For seniors, preventing falls means preventing injuries. Therefore, these guidelines can help you to avoid injuries for a loved one. Consult with a home care service provider to check on the health of the senior.

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