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The Sportswear Trend Continues – The Items you Should Add to your Spring/Summer Wardrobe

Despite the gyms being closed this year, the sportswear trend continues – combining a cool casual and stylish look with practicality and comfort, it’s easy to see why people are searching for the sportswear brands and clothing items to take them into the summer. You can shop Superdry menswear here if you want to embrace the sports casual look that is enjoying a resurgence, as a lot of the 90s trends are at the moment.

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Sportswear is popular because it is so versatile – as well as being able to be worn for sports, it is a comfortable and fashionable style choice for weekends and is just as good for popping into town or walking the dog. So, when it comes to your summer wardrobe here are some of the sportswear items that you might want to include for summer 2021…

The Baseball Cap – This is one of the most practical and enduring looks – a branded baseball cap is something that remains a must for the summer and with so many brands and colours available there is something for everyone.

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The Bomber Jacket – We all know that British summers can be unpredictable when it comes to the weather, so a bomber jacket is a great way to cover up and stay trendy during the spring and summer downpours and burst of bad weather that we all expect!

Tracksuit Bottoms – A comfortable and stylish alternative to jeans on those days when you just don’t want to make the effort, tracksuit bottoms are popular – for cooler days go for a fleece lined fabric.

How to Dress Stylishly

Dressing up in an upscale way can be very easy as long as you know how to dress stylishly. There are so many things that you can do when you are trying to come up with a stylish and attractive outfit that people will notice and admire. You just need to know the right tips on what to wear. It is important to know how to dress stylishly and avoid things that will only make you look bad. Some of the things that you should stay away from are wearing things that are too tight, wearing shoes that are too big, and wearing clothes that are too loose.

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It is very important to take your time when you are trying to pick out what you are going to wear because you want to make sure that it is perfect for the occasion. You do not want to be caught off guard by the people you are going to be with. If you do want to wear something too outlandish, then you may end up getting a lot of attention and embarrassment. It is best to stick to the classic pieces that are subtle yet incredibly suave. For a range of Mens Superdry T shirts, visit EJ Menswear

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There are so many different types of things that you can wear when you are trying to make your outfit stand out. You can go to the store and buy your clothing. You can also go online and find a variety of clothing that will give you the best value for your money. When you are buying your clothes online, it is always important to read the sizing information so that you can get your clothes the way that they should be when you are ordering them.


How is Denim Made and What are its Origins?

Winter is here and many of us are eager to update our winter wardrobe – with warm merino wool knitwear and ETO denim jeans from EJ Menswear, we don’t really give too much thought to the fabrics that are everyday to us.

Denim has been around for over 100 years and is as popular now as it ever was – here is a brief guide to how denim is produced…

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Denim is popular as it is a strong and durable fabric. It is both favourable as a fashion item and for working due to how hardwearing it is. It is made using a twill weave, which makes the diagonal pattern – this is the secret to the fabrics strength and what sets it apart from others.

Although blue jeans are synonymous with the cowboys of the wild west and that is certainly where it gained a lot of popularity, it was actually first created in France! During the gold rush in America in the 19th Century, Levi Strauss opened up a shop in San Francisco – and this is how the blue jeans became such a popular item of clothing in America.

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The fabric is made from cotton, which is harvested and dyed, making them a classic denim blue colour. The fabric is then made on a loom, which can either be a shuttle loom or a projectile loom. A shuttle loom creates a more sturdy edge, whereas a projectile creates a more delicate edge that needs to be stitched up.

What kind of shoes and boots does a man need in his wardrobe?

Shoes are not always something that features that heavily in men’s minds when it comes to fashion. Statistics show that shirts and t-shirts are more likely to be the main feature along with a few good suits. Shoes are not something that you should forget about. They can make or break an outfit and you should definitely give them a bit more than a cursor thought. One of the best things to start with is to go and look at some XV Kings Shoes from This will give you a good basis for the following that you will need.

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  1. Some good boots. Boots are always cool and getting some stylish ones for a bit of a country trek or a wander in the urban setting is certainly a requirement. Don’t get caught out when winter arrives and you’ve got nothing, keep the rain and possibly enve snow out.
  2. Formal shoes. Two pairs needed here. One for work and one to party or attend a wedding or a  funeral. Don’t feel like you have to stick with black. Dark brown is also an option. You can’t have too many embellishments here though and there is very little difference between laces and non laced in this category.

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  1. Trainers. Trainers are tricky. Are you the sort of person that goes tot he gym and is active? Then you’ll need some decent actual sports shoes. Otherwise just go for a nice show pair.

The changing high streets

Mens designer shirts have been a highly coveted item for a long time. The increase of sales, however, has been noticed online more than on the high street. EJ Menswear is a viable option for gentlemen looking for these garments. E-commerce websites also provide online customers with many other products. Although clothing is one of the most common online shopping categories, many people also purchase household items on online platforms. Shopping online gives consumers the option to compare products from multiple stores from the comfort of their homes. This comfort is recognised by shoppers all over the world and will slowly change how busy high streets are and how many stores they contain.

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This will affect local economies but can also create new spaces for other things such as green spaces or galleries. This can have a positive effect on the people living above the high street stores and in the surrounding areas. Green spaces are beneficial to people and local wildlife and can improve the air pollution problems many city centres all over the world are facing. Air pollution has created issues in people’s general health, especially in those with pre-existing respiratory conditions such as asthma. Recent studies have also drawn links between proximity to busy roads and health problems in later age. Dementia and cognitive impairment, in particular, are being researched as potential effects of particulate matter in the air.

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Consider Before Buying Health and Beauty Products

4 Things to Consider Before Buying Health and Beauty Products

You want to look and feel your best so you are ready to jump into the health and beauty world, but not all health and beauty products are created equal. Here are four things you need to consider before buying those products.

1. Ingredients

When looking at the ingredients it is important for the ingredients to be natural. If you can say the ingredient and you recognize its name, it is probably natural. All natural health and beauty products are better for your skin than chemicals that can be found in most products because it keeps the skin from being irritated.

2. Price

Price is not always an indicator for how nice of a product you will be buying. Sometimes the best of products can be found at the drug store and other times it really is worth your time to go to a high-end specialty shop. Do your research and determine your price range and find the best option the meets your requirements.

3. Animal Cruelty

It’s hard not to love animals with their cute faces. Unfortunately, it is a common practice in the health and beauty industry to test their cosmetics on animals. Look for a company that produces a good product but also holds the standard that they do not test their products on animals.

4. Skin Type

You may find a product that you love but isn’t best for your skin type. If you already have oily skin you won’t want something that has a lot of extra hydration or if you have dry skin something that will dry your skin out even more. Look for a product that will complement the skin you have.

There is no shame in wanting to look your best with the help of health and beauty products, but it is important when making a decision on what to purchase to think about what you are putting on your skin and what type of company the product is coming from.

Wardrobe essentials every man should have

You may have heard of a capsule wardrobe, which is a popular method for creating a wardrobe full of clothes that compliment each other but without having twelve of the same item. The idea being that you pick items that can be interchanged with one another to create countless outfit choices. There are however some staple items that you need to include that will form the basis of your outfits. Here are some suggestions.

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  • Tailored trousers – whether you need to wear tailored trousers to work or just for special occasions you should always have at least one pair in your wardrobe. It is important to pick a neutral colour such as grey or black so that you can pair them with any number of tops.

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  • Farah Jackets – having a good statement piece of outerwear means that you can change the shirt that you wear underneath and create a whole different feel to your clothing. Whether you pair it with a shirt or a T-shirt Farah Jackets are a must have in any man’s capsule wardrobe.
  • Trainers – a wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a pair of trainers. They are a versatile piece of footwear that allows for almost any piece of clothing to be put with them to create a casual outfit.
eyelash extensions

10 Things you need to know about eyelash extensions before an application

The long and abundant eyelashes have become a trend more than makeup lovers love. Unfortunately, with the passage of time and due to the constant use of mascara or curling iron, the lashes begin to fall, which is why they resort to eyelash extensions or inserts, but we must be careful when applying them. Continue reading

Natural properties for dandruff free hair

Effective tips and natural properties for dandruff free hair

Do you still have dandruff no matter how much you wash your hair? Here we will tell you the reason, check out these tips to eliminate dandruff and follow our recommendations. Dandruff is a problem that we can all suffer at some point in our lives; it is an annoying condition that consists of excessive desquamation of the scalp cells. In this article, we give some tips and natural properties for dandruff free hair.

The skin frees frequently dead cells that are detached naturally or with the help of an exfoliation, the cells that make up the scalp are not the exception to this rule, however, when dandruff appears we are facing an increased detachment speed that can due to multiple causes.

Effective tips and natural properties for dandruff free hair

  1. Effective tips and tips to eliminate dandruff
  2. Treatments for dandruff
  3. Natural remedies for dandruff

Here we show some effective recommendations that you should know and tips to eliminate dandruff and show off your hair in its entire splendor.

1. Effective tips and tips to eliminate dandruff

To control dandruff it is necessary to know its origin, these can be:

  • Bad habits in hair care
  • Use of inappropriate products for your scalp
  • Stress
  • Oily skin

These causes can be controlled and eliminate dandruff from its origin. Bad habits can be avoided by adopting new ones, for this, you need at least 21 days of good healthy habits for washing and hair care.

It is demonstrated that this is the number of days that a person needs to adopt a good healthy habit.Healthy habits for washing



Hair products tend to accumulate on the scalp causing dandruff if you notice that a product causes you dandruff, change it to another or alternate its use with other products.

Stress is a condition that alters our entire body, for dandruff caused by stress you should only control the causes that lead to suffering from this condition and apply relaxation techniques frequently, such as mindfulness.

If you suffer from oily skin then it is likely that excess fat leads to the peeling of the skin.

A fatty scalp occurs when, paradoxically, we have dry skin; therefore it is necessary to nourish our scalp using products such as olive oil and avocado masks.

If your hair is oily, anti-dandruff products will only make your problem worse, since they tend to dry the scalp, which in turn stimulates the production of fat.Stress

2. Treatments for dandruff

If attacking dandruff from its origin does not work, then you must resort to the following methods:

Anti-dandruff shampoo for dandruff free hair

It is the most basic treatment for dandruff; these shampoos contain active ingredients such as:

  • Salicylic acid
  • Pitch
  • Ketoconazole
  • Zinc pyrithione
  • Selenium sulfide

So that its effect is the expected one it is necessary to wash the hair every day with the shampoo and let it act for 5 to 10 minutes while massaging the scalp with the tips of the fingers.

You should rinse the shampoo with plenty of water to avoid residues that irritate the skin and cause dandruff, itching or irritation. Use warm water; you should not use cold or hot water.

It is necessary that you alternate shampoos with various ingredients and active ingredients to prevent your skin from adapting to the components.

Use hydro alcoholic lotions after washing the hair to combat dandruff. Brush your hair every day and do not touch it with your hands, the grease and dirt of the same contribute to dandruff.Zinc pyrithione

Read the ingredients of your shampoo, if it contains lauryl sulfate and you use it frequently it will dry out your scalp causing more dandruff.

Eat foods rich in zinc; a deficit of this mineral can cause dandruff. The foods that you should consume are:

  • Pork
  • Nuts
  • Oysters
  • TurkeyNuts

3. Natural remedies for dandruff

You can complement all these tips to eliminate dandruff with natural remedies, such as the use of dandruff shampoos and other treatments.

If your shampoo only dries your hair and causes more dandruff, then it is necessary that you migrate to other types of products such as natural ones; if the problem persists you should consult a dermatologist to find a cure for your dandruff.

Lemon juice for dandruff free hair

Apply the pure lemon juice on the scalp, it will burn, but you should let it act for 20 to 25 minutes to take effect. Lemon is a natural astringent that will eliminate the causes of root dandruff. Then wash your hair with normal shampoo.Lemon juice for dandruff free hair

Olive oil for dandruff free hair

Place olive oil on your hair and massage with the tips of your fingers for about 10 minutes. Then wash your hair as you normally do.

If you need a quick remedy to dandruff for an important event, soak your scalp with olive oil, wrap it with a hair cover and leave on all night.

When you wake up wash your hair, you will notice that you do not have a gram of dandruff.

Egg yolks for dandruff free hair

Mix two egg yolks and apply them on the dry scalp. Cover with a hat and let it act for one hour.

Wash your hair by repeating the shampoo twice to leave the hair clean.Egg yolks for dandruff free hair

Fenugreek seeds for dandruff free hair

They are one of the most effective remedies against dandruff; you must grind a spoonful of these seeds and let them soak in two cups of water at night.

When washing the hair, apply this water at the end and let it dry.

Baby oil for dandruff free hair

As with olive oil, baby oil is used to combat dandruff. Massage a little of this oil on your scalp, wrap in a towel and leave on overnight.

Wash your hair with anti-dandruff shampoo when you wake up.Baby oil for dandruff free hair

Sodium bicarbonate for dandruff free hair

Instead of using shampoo you can use sodium bicarbonate, this product acts in various ways in the body and to eliminate dandruff is one of the best options. Moisten your hair and massage a tablespoon of baking soda on the scalp, let it act for a minute and rinse it.

This remedy will give results in two weeks when your scalp regains the ability to generate its natural oils.

Baking soda and lemon for dandruff free hair

Combining two natural remedies is also a good option; mix a tablespoon of baking soda with lemon juice.

Apply on the scalp and let it act for a few minutes. When you start itching, rinse your hair.Baking soda

Coconut oil for dandruff free hair

Like other oils that you can use, coconut oil is a good remedy for dandruff.

Wash your hair as you normally do, do not use conditioner and dry it.

Apply coconut oil to your scalp, not your hair. Massage and rinse your hair again, you should probably use shampoo.

Apply this treatment once a week until dandruff disappears.

Tea tree oil for dandruff free hair

Use a shampoo with tea tree oil, it is a natural antiseptic and helps eliminate dandruff. Use the shampoo and let it act for five minutes.

Use it every day until dandruff disappears.Tea tree oil for dandruff free hair

Mouthwash for dandruff free hair

It is a good option to prevent dandruff, after applying all the tips and effective recommendations to eliminate dandruff it is necessary to prevent its reappearance, for it uses mouth rinse once a month. Mix 1 part mouthwash with 9 water, and rinse your hair with the mixture when you finish washing. Do not rinse it and fix your hair as you normally do.

Dandruff is a problem with a solution; you just have to be constant with all the existing remedies to control it.

We hope you will like these tips and natural properties for dandruff free hair. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas.

Tricks for men to make the shopping experience a pleasant moment

10 tricks for men to make the shopping experience a pleasant moment

Buying is an almost sacred ritual. Going from store to store, searching for the required garment, comparing prices, fabrics, models, and styles is an activity that requires time and dedication. It cannot be done lightly. Some people think that it is easy to buy: you enter the store of your choice, choose, test, and decide, pay and leave, there is no more. However, this activity goes much further. It requires patience, a good eye to choose the clothes and above all, good taste. In this article, we give you 10 tricks for men to make the shopping experience a pleasant moment.

It is not of another world, nor is it something that is impossible to realize. Buying can be a relaxing and even pleasant activity. There is no need to break your head or want to kill the seller, just learn a few simple steps that will make the shopping experience a pleasant and comforting moment.

10 steps to make the shopping experience a pleasant moment:

  • Be clear about what you are going to buy
  • Keep in mind what clothes interest you
  • Try on several garments
  • Go accompanied
  • Turn the store several times
  • Know your size
  • Be basic
  • Stay tuned for offers
  • Guide online
  • Do a store inspection

1. Be clear about what you are going to buy

Men are usually very specific. They know what they want and they go to the place where they sell it. Do not stop doing it, but look at several stores. If what you want is a white shirt, for example, visit at least three different stores, you may find the same with different details that will call your attention, the price may be different or the quality of workmanship. Do not stay only with the first garment. Dedicate time to the search.

Be clear about what you are going to buy            

2. Keep in mind what clothes interest you

This in order to buy only what is necessary. If your jeans stand out in your wardrobe, almost any shirt combines, but if you have shorts or sportswear, the shirt is not the best option. Try to buy the clothes you will wear most often for everything you keep in the closet.

3. Try on several garments

Maybe you want to buy a shirt and suddenly, you get a pair of jeans, a leather jacket or even a pair of shoes on the way. Make an analysis of what you like, what you require and if it suits you to buy both or just one. In the same way, consider the materials and prices.Try on several garments

4. Go accompanied to make your shopping experience a pleasant moment

Maybe, sharing the activity with someone else is the much better option for both, since you will not only know the tastes of another person, but it will help you to focus your own and while you have an opinion about the shirt you are going, your companion can suggest other models.Go accompanied to make your shopping experience a pleasant moment

5. Turn the store several times

Check what’s there. From the most basic garment to the most incredible eccentricities. Sometimes, the more you search the better deals you find. They are discounts on fabrics, prices, quality or sizes. That is, behind a dresser you may find the shirt you are looking for, but in a size that fits you better.

6. Know your size

Learn what the true build of your body is and then, choose the ideal size, which may be smaller or greater than you always use. Remember, anyway, try on the clothes you are about to buy. It does not matter if you have to return several sizes of jeans or if you take three sizes of the same garment to the tester. Remember that each store has an average of sizes that vary a bit. If you are or will be a frequent consumer, you should know what size you are in each store.

7. Be basic

If you do not like shopping, you should buy what best suits you not to return in a while: white shirts and some color prints, t-shirts, jeans, more formal pants, sneakers, miner’s boots. A pair of ties, a black suit and one of color (gray or brown), sports socks, socks, boxers, leather jacket and even accessories such as a cap or a watch. Do not buy all the same day, but create your own list of basics and analyze very well what you use most often and how you should combine it.Be basic

8. Stay tuned for offers

When summer ends, most stores put their clothes at half price or with a significant discount. Go to them and if you find a garment of your choice, do not hesitate to buy it. Make the account, it may be better for you to buy two or three different items on offer, one per month or each time you think you need it. In general, offers last longer in men’s clothing, since almost no boy enjoys shopping; few find out about offers and discounts.

9. Guide online

Check online catalogs to buy what you want without any problem. This guide serves to be able to go with the employees of the place and be very specific. This way you will not feel pressured by their suggestions or by not finding the garment of your preference.

10. Do a store inspection

This in order to know what you like or what place offers more products for you. Maybe the fashion store does not have everything you need, while the smallest, the one that has very few people entering through its doors, has a wider variety for you.Do a store inspection

Buying is an experience that is enjoyed and felt. Take your time to find the clothes that you like and that fit your body, learn from the experience of buying, is not a risky activity, or exclusive to women. We can all learn to buy a garment that fits the body and makes us look more attractive. Take a risk to go shopping.

We hope you will like these 10 tips to make the shopping experience a pleasant moment. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Wish you a very happy new year!