Why is it important to have good website navigation?

The navigation system on a website is a collection of links, menus and buttons which allows users to navigate around the site. It helps visitors find products or services, as well as information on a website.

The importance of this cannot be understated, particularly for online startups and small businesses. A well-structured system of navigation can have a significant impact on user engagement, conversions and brand reputation. It’s more than just a design feature; it’s also a tool that helps your audience achieve their goals and aligns with yours.

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What are the foundations of good navigation for websites?

Understanding user expectations and behaviour

A good navigation is user-centric. It anticipates and accommodates the user’s behaviour and expectations. The user behaviour refers to the actions people take when using a website, an app, or any other online service. This includes the things they do, such as what they click on, how long they stay and what they like. For advice on Web Design Exeter, contact https://exeter.nettl.com/digital/website-design/

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Understanding the user’s behaviour and expectations for website navigation can help you design websites that meet their needs and wants. Knowing how users navigate a website and what they want in terms of navigation is key to keeping people interested in your site.

Clear labels, hierarchy of information and content organisation

The hierarchy of information and organisation of content refers to the structure of the content and information in website navigation. It helps users to easily understand and access the content of the website. The information is categorised in a hierarchy, with the broadest and most important topics appearing at the top. Subtopics are then added, and finally, more details.

Landing pages that are easy to use

Landing pages are designed to direct visitors to specific offers or content on your site. Keep the focus on a specific product, service or promotion and ensure that users can find it easily.

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