Getting the best homemade pizza dough starts with finding the right flour blend. Once you know which blend you like, the next step is to par-bake the dough on a pizza stone.

What is Dungeness Crab? This mild, sustainable seafood is typically steamed or boiled. It can be found in all oceans and freshwater. Dungeness crab is readily available worldwide. Read on to learn more about this seafood.

The chickpea and mushroom omelet is one of the most popular meals of the moment within the world of healthy lifestyle habits. And now people pay more attention to the alternatives offered by food, unlike a few years ago, when it was a bit strange to talk about a chickpea tortilla.

Hypertension is the way to measure the force with which blood hits the walls of the arteries with each of the heart’s pumping. The values considered normal are 120 as systolic blood pressure and 80 as diastolic blood pressure. When these values are higher, they reach 140/90 or more, and occur repeatedly, we are faced […]

Are you looking for a different, delicious and original snack? In this article, we will tell you how to prepare some delicious fried cheese balls and macaroni. Impress all your guests and leave them speechless when they try this genius!

You know what is a pain and how to relieve pain with homemade oinment. So, read the article carefully. The general pains can cause many problems of development in the daily activities, although at the beginning it is only a slight discomfort in some area of the body. They can appear for various reasons, although […]

We bring you a very easy recipe to prepare a delicious chicken with vegetables. It is a very healthy dish since it incorporates chicken protein with the nutritional value of vegetables. It is also very easy since the ingredients are inexpensive and easy to obtain. Or in our supermarket of preference or in a grocery […]

Acne is a problem and you do not know how to get rid of it? Luckily, there are a large number of natural remedies that will not leave you with empty pockets or expose you to harmful chemicals.

You’ve probably seen probiotics at your local health food store: just capsules in a jar in the refrigerated section, each promising millions of bacteria strains for better health. However, we’ve had probiotics, beneficial strains of gut bacteria that help to promote better digestive function, in our diets far longer than we’ve had access to supplements. […]