How to Start Strength Training

In case you haven’t heard, strength training has become an essential part of everybody’s lives nowadays. From athletes to stay-at-home mums, everybody is getting into some form of strength-training to keep them in shape and to strengthen their muscles. So if you are interested to start strength training in your own home, it is probably for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you want to look and feel better, want to shed those unwanted pounds or simply want to be more fit and healthy. Here is what you should think about when starting strength training.

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Strength training at home: free weights vs. machines. A common debate between fitness experts is whether to use free weights or machines when strength building. Both options have their merits, with one argument being that free weights can provide more natural movement and are less likely to affect your body’s joints. Some fitness experts even advise not to train with free weights but to do exercise with machines for the same reason. Another advantage of doing exercise with machines is that it helps you achieve higher fitness gains in a shorter time since you do not have to spend hours performing exercises that would struggle to result in greater fitness gains in free weight training.

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Three times per week: Your muscle growth takes place mainly when you lift weights three times per week. Free weights can only offer you approximately half of this amount of workout. In addition, free weights also limit your muscle development to specific muscle groups that are not worked out during lifting weights.

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