Early diagnosis of autism: Possible target

Children with high likelihood of behavioral autistic disorders since the early months of life are crying and move differently than children who are not exposed to this risk.

This is what reveal the first results of a study coordinated by the Institute of Health

The researchers monitored 100 infants – 50 deemed at risk because with a brother or sister with autism, and not at risk newborns – on the basis of three parameters: crying, spontaneous movement and response to external stimuli.

early-diagnosis-of-autism-possible-targetParents have collaborated to search recording is the cry that the movements of children and, after isolating the audio frequencies and compared the discrepancies, the ISH experts have managed to show some subtle differences that identify, in a nutshell, autism spectrum disorders.

It is a result that leaves concrete glimpse ability to diagnose in times early autism, a disease with as yet unknown causes, a prospect that would improve the lives of both children and their family.

The goal ISH is to analyze other biological markers, as for example the DNA present in saliva and urine, to then define an international protocol of therapy and early diagnosis.

Maria Luisa Scattoni, researcher of the department of cell biology and neuroscience ISS, said the intent of this study:

“We want to change the quality of life for children and parents. There will be an international protocol. Let us then biomarkers through sampling and genetic examination of saliva and urine. Parents are collaborating filming of infants movement. Until the ninth week the baby is sprawled, then they begin to toddle. Already at 10 months can glimpse motor abnormalities that signals an abnormal neural development.”

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