5 Games for children without using technology

Games for children

Games for children are often inherited from generation to generation. In some parts, they may change the name or the rules, but they are the same and, currently, they are still valid.

There are different traditional games that are easy to learn. There is no need to spend a large amount of money or play them on specific sites. In addition, they develop in the child the ability to reason, logic, balance and put their senses to the limit.

Benefits of games for children

Games for children without using technology

Play activities are fundamental in the lives of children. Through these, the smallest begin to establish contact with the world. In addition, it is the natural tool with which he expresses his feelings of anger, fear, sadness or joy. We present to you the benefits of games for children:

They develop cognitive and motor skills

There are games for children that help develop their cognitive abilities. For example, activities that teach you how to solve problems and imagine situations and solutions stimulate your abstract thinking and your level of concentration.

Most of these activities are inclusive and global. For this reason, the functioning of the whole body is involved. Games like hide-and-seek keep the child in a state of alertness. They also help the child develop sensitivities to the perceptions and strengthen their motor control and senses.

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Strengthens self-esteem

Through the games, the child begins to discover new things that will help him throughout his life. Among them, the way of relating and how relationships work, since the game encourages meeting with others, whom the child calls friends.

Games for children contribute to the strengthening of self-esteem. The playful activities allow the child to know himself and help him discover his strengths and weaknesses. They also allow you to identify your feelings and tastes.

Links to the family

Games for children

As a father or mother, it is normal for you to complain because your son does not obey you. However, what you do not know is that one of the factors of disobedience may be the little time you spend. It is very difficult to discipline your child or negotiate rules with him if you do not know him.

Accompanying your child in their games is important since it is one of the activities that allow both of you to get to know each other. In addition, when you put yourself at their level, the child feels that you understand and establish links and closeness.

5 games for children that every parent should teach

Children play almost everywhere and in all situations. The game not only entertains them and makes them happy, but it is a biological necessity, therefore, it is part of their integral development. Some recreational activities that the child can practice are:

The blind chicken

Blind hen is a very simple game. Help children understand the importance of the senses since it is played blindfolded. In this way, children learn to move with greater confidence and agility. It is important that you explain to your child how to play it:

The first thing to do is choose the person who will be blindfolded and count. That will be “the blind hen”.

Games for children

When the child is blindfolded, he will roll three times over himself. At the same time, the others form a circle around them holding hands.

The task of “la gallinita” is to catch one of the children. Children can move but without letting go of their hands. When the child catches another, he must guess who he is by touch. If it is correct, the papers are exchanged.

To make the game more cheerful, children can sing. This verse is very common during the game: “Gallinita, gallinita what have you lost in the haystack? A needle and a thimble. Go three laps and you will find it. “

Table games

These games are ideal for those days of rain, in which your son does not go out to play outdoors. They are games for children that help develop different aspects of their personality. For example, concentration, patience, the capacity for deduction and logic.

There are different types of table games, according to the ages. Each one helps to develop different abilities and to motivate diverse interests in the child. For example, dominoes or chess are ideal to stimulate the child’s autonomy. With this type of games, your child must develop strategies and make decisions.

On the other hand, memory games or puzzles are great. Your child will be able to practice his memory and deduction. Although many of these are recreational, there are also games that combine fun with education. Scrabble, for example, helps the child learn vocabulary. With  Turista Mundial, they learn geography and with Pictionary, they put their creativity to use.


Games for children

These mimic games help children express feelings. They also help control the movements of your body in a creative way. In addition, they make children relate gestures with actions and words.

The mimicry improves the concentration of your son since he must think which gestures he will represent without being able to speak. In turn, it favors your imagination and creativity when it comes to recreating situations and feelings. Likewise, this activity generates interaction with the other children, since it usually takes place in groups. It helps to release stress through laughter and is an ideal practice for all ages.


The hiding place is a perfect game for your son to make contact with nature. You do not need any material, you just have to let your imagination fly. The purpose of the game is for one of the children to count and the others to hide until they are discovered. To play, your child should follow the following recommendations:

First, children must decide who will count and to what number. This child will be in charge of finding others in their hiding place.

Games for children

While counting, the others should hide. Once it’s over, you should say “I’m going” aloud and go out and look for the others.

When you find a person you must touch him and continue searching.

To win the game, children must run to where they were counting and touch the site.

The hiding place is a game that awakens the sense of adventure and curiosity. A variant is that the child who is looking for should not touch the person he finds, but return to the place where he was counting, touch him and say the name of the person.


Traditional games for children are a great option for your entertainment. In addition, they help their learning and their physical development. It is good for children to go out and play with their friends or their parents. The games help them feel accompanied and, at the same time, they learn to socialize.

There are a variety of options for your child to play, have fun and learn. Playing outdoors or even concentrating on some playful activity, they release stress and develop cognitive and physical skills that will help in the future.

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