Osteoporosis: stop the summer fractures

The World Health Organization (WHO) includes the osteoporosis among riskier illnesses for the health of millions of people, so much so that believes that a massive campaign of global information to prevent this disease that attacks the bones gradually and quietly.

the bones begin to suffer a loss of density from 25-30 years and manifest bone fragility Mature Adult: menopause for women and from 60 years for men. To prevent osteoporosis is necessary to strengthen the bone structure with the sport, calcium-rich diet and exposure (protected) in the sun that facilitates the accumulation of vitamin D, but not only.

osteoporosis-stop-the-summer-fracturesVertebral fractures from osteoporosis: How to prevent them on vacation

Osteoporosis does not go on vacation and, indeed, in the summer are more likely to expose themselves to the risk of fracture to bone fragility. To help people most at risk of osteoporosis-related disorders, the SIOMMMS scientific societies, SIOT, SIR, ORTOMED, GISOOS and GISMO have launched the campaign Stop the fractures with a series of useful tips to follow during summer trips.

Always choose the right shoes . Closed shoes and open sandals are appropriate footwear to the sea and the mountains, as long as we have a low, comfortable heel and non-slip soles to adhere well to any terrain.

Traveling in comfort: Whatever means of transport, train, bus or plane, the best place is to the hall: allows you to spread out and move his legs nimbly, and to get up every time you feel the need without disturbing anyone.

Book a comfortable bedroom: Well-lit rooms, beds of the right height, bath or shower with grab handle and non-slip mat: are all services to check before booking the hotel room, because they are details that could make the difference between falling and sustaining.

Make movement: Regular exercise, even if lightweight, improves muscle strength, agility and balance that together reduce the risk of falls and therefore for fragility fractures. A little ‘bike is also recommended to those who have recently undergone surgery, because it speeds the resumption of normal movements. And summer is the best time to move around and enjoy the outdoors.

Sun and right food: The sun strengthens bones because it helps to accumulate vitamin D, but it alone is not enough: it serves to store calcium through the right foods, such as milk, yogurt, cheese, oily fish and arugula. And if that is not enough, your doctor will prescribe calcium supplements.

Follow medical therapy: Even on holiday you must take medication and follow the directions given by the doctor for the treatment of osteoporosis: the risk is to lose the achieved benefits and further weaken your bones.

Book up visit: To return from vacation, book radiography of the spine and the MOC – Mineralometria Bone Computed – to know the state of health of your bones and the evolution of osteoporosis.




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