As you drink the water?

It is one of the simplest gestures we make every day, but drinking water is a fundamental action for the wellbeing of body and mood and, in some respects, it should be done carefully.

For example: you know how you drink the water? It’s not a trick question, but a way to focus attention on myths related to water and how to drink it, and in this post we debunk the most common.

as-you-drink-the-waterDrinking cold water quenches. If the water is at room temperature the body does not suffer any heat shock and maintains long the sensation of hydration; but if we drink cold water, we risk blocking a digestive process and will incur the congestion.

Drinking tall glasses of water quenches the thirst. In fact it is much better to sip water instead by a big glass or by the bottle: small sips help the body to absorb the liquid completely and without having the unpleasant feeling of suffocation that also does not take away the thirst.

Drink water during meals is wrong. It is not quite true, a lot depends on the food we eat. If the meal is made with bread or other dried foods, it should also drink up to three cups of water to allow for chewing as to prepare food for digestion; on the contrary, most of the food contains a quantity of water sufficient to hydrate the organism without the need to drink during meals.

Drinking sparkling water makes digest. To tell the truth, it just makes more bloated: the bubbles expand the stomach and promote gas expulsion, which does not mean digest.

Drink plenty of water eliminates water retention. Water helps the body to expel toxins, but water retention is caused by salt and sugar that hold liquids favoring the hated skin effect of orange peel. To avoid this, therefore, you need to follow diets low in iodine and complex sugars.




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