Drinking water makes good humor

Water is one of the indispensable elements for the health of the whole organism. In addition to allowing the body to eliminate the waste responsible for water retention and cellulite, promote the conduct of the normal physiological functions and moisturize the entire body, drink plenty of water it helps protect the integrity of brain neurons that affect mood.

The risks of dehydration

Especially in summer, dehydration is a real risk especially for children and seniors who often forget to drink. The effects of dehydration are also manifested in milder cases : loss of concentration, fatigue, drowsiness. They are perceptions and related physical ailments mood so that the more you drink, the less you run into nervousness and sadness.

drinking-water-makes-good-humorTo reveal the relationship between the degree of hydration and the mood was to research published in the journal Appetite and conducted by French and American researchers. At this, we associate an explanation of Hellas Dinner, researcher and head of the Laboratory of dietary and clinical nutrition at the University of Pavia, who points out that ” one of the theories put forward to explain the possible relationship between low consumption of water and moods negative comes from animal studies: we have seen that chronic reduction of water consumption can threaten the function and integrity of brain neurons also causing changes in mood.”

How much water you need to drink each day?

Experts advise women to drink 2 liters of water a day and men two and a half liters. Particular attention should be given to children and the elderly who often experience thirst when there is already a state of dehydration. Moreover, connecting the other advice: drink the first glass of water when you wake up, fasting, and in the day to do it even before the stimulus arrives given by thirst. It is known recommendations, valid all year round and especially in summer when the body requires more moisture due to high temperatures. Even so, it would be good to bring a water bottle with you always, to drink often to avoid dehydration.

If you think water is like another and that it is not so important, you should read the editorials in depth in the section the water in the human body.




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