How to Choose Eye Shadow Colors Based on Your Skin Tone and Eye Color

There are various ways to choose the right eye shadow colors for your eye color and skin tone. This article will tell you about cool and warm undertones, as well as how to choose three shades of eye shadow for a multi-dimensional look. For example, if your eyes are naturally brown, you should look for contrasting hues. And if your eye color is light brown, you should look for eye shadows that have a cool undertone.

Cool undertones

Cool undertones are generally associated with people with pink skin. They can pull off any eye shadow color, but some shades of eye shadow are better suited for people with warm undertones. To avoid looking overly pink, you can use a calm tone foundation.

Cool undertones are found on people with fair skin, so the most flattering makeup looks will work with this undertone. Avoid too-dark eye shadows since they will make your face look too red. If your undertone is cool, you should look for bronzers with a cool tone, as these are neutral. Choose a medium-dark pink or pink-based nude to make your eyes pop.

The next step is to match your eye color with the right undertone palette. If you have cool skin, go for neutral eye shadow palettes, while those with warm undertones can play around with the gold family. In addition to neutrals, you can experiment with warm shades of eye shadow. Cool undertones and warm tones compliment each other beautifully. So whether you’re a cool or warm undertone, you’ll be able to find the right eye shadow color that will compliment your look.

Create a multidimensional look

Using three shades of eyeshadow to create an eye makeup look can make your eyes stand out from the crowd and be a focal point in your summer makeup look. The three different eyeshadow shades can be used together or layered to add depth and dimension to your eye makeup look. Using three different shades of eyeshadow, you can create a striking multi-dimensional look that will be the talk of the party.

Color-block eyeshadow is a popular eye makeup trend that involves applying three different shades of eyeshadow vertically across the upper lid. The effect is intense and colorful. The colors can be used in any order, but the darkest shade is applied closest to the upper lash line and brow bone. This makeup technique will turn heads.

To create a sunset effect, blend three complementary eyeshadow shades. Start with a light shade on the upper eyelids, and work your way up the lid. Next, apply a medium-dark shade over the lid and blend the darker color into the crease. Finally, don’t forget to add a highlighter in the crease. The result is an incredibly flattering and multidimensional look.

Choosing contrasting colors for brown eyes

To accentuate your brown eyes, choose contrasting colors. Try wearing eyeshadow in colors opposite to your brown eyes. Cool purples and salmon tones will look great on brown eyes. Reds and coppery gold colors are complementary to brown eyes, blueberry, robin’s egg, and warm honey tones. Neutral colors are also flattering. But if your brown eyes are light, stick to neutral colors to make your look more natural.

If your eyes are dark or light brown, you can tone down the look by wearing earthy clay tones. You can also wear a contrasting color to make your eyes look more natural. Use a contrasting color to highlight your eyes, such as gold or silver, for more subtle effects. Copper and white eyeshadows also work great with brown eyes; however, if you have a light brown or black eye.

Choosing contrasting colors for brown eyes can be challenging, but with some know-how, you can achieve a look that is both sultry and sophisticated. For example, you can combine a slightly stained lip with a golden highlight. In addition, dark silver eyeshadow can work well as an eyeliner. You can also use silver eyeshadow as a highlighter or create a monochrome look using matching black eyeliner.

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