Tips to Eliminate Bad Smells at Home

Bad Smells at Home

Do you have bad smells at home and do not know where they come from? Stop by and you’ll be amazed at these Tips to eliminate bad odors at home.

The look of a home can tell a lot about you. Your home for singles may look, according to society, a little messy and unattractive. However, when you already have a stable partner or a family it is important to smell good and be presentable since visits are common and it is necessary to give a good impression.

The problem is that bad odors begin to invade our home when we already have a family, either because the food is much more elaborate or because the pet lives under the same roof. These tips to eliminate the bad smells at home you will find them very useful.

Bad Smells at Home

Tips to Eliminate Bad Smells at Home

Knowing the cause of a bad smell allows us to act directly on the rather than mask it with flavorings. Some of the most common causes are:

Poor ventilation: the First culprit of a bad smell in a home, are common in the winter seasons because no one wants to open their home to let the freezing cold come inside. In the countries of the northern hemisphere, this becomes a problem because the winter coincides with the month of December when it’s time to celebrate holydays and a lot of visitors come at home and more we use the kitchen to prepare fatty foods and with strong aromas.

Bad odors due to poor ventilation can be eliminated by aerating our home for a few hours a day. If your home is closed to lime and chalk, the odors permeate the entire atmosphere, to the walls and will not even come out with the most powerful of the recipes.

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Climate: If the weather is very humid it is common to find that our home stinks of humidity. If you live in an area where the wind carries odors from restaurants or industries, then your home will stink for a while. In these cases, it is better to evaluate a change of place in the windows or to choose to ventilate the house when the wind changes direction.

Age of the dwelling: An old house always catches unpleasant odors, either because some walls have mold (very dangerous) or because the dirt has accumulated. If you have an old house, perform maintenance once a year to evaluate zones of possible accumulation of mold and dirt to eliminate them. You may have to tear down walls and replace wood panels.

Bad Smells at Home

Bacteria and residues

Bacteria: Bacteria perform their food processes and release very unpleasant odors; you can eliminate them by thoroughly cleaning your house with antibacterial substances.

Dirt wastes: Very common if we quickly cleaned our home to deal with our daily activities or our agenda. The best thing to prevent them is to thoroughly clean once a month.

Food in poor condition: Obviously if you keep food in poor condition in your refrigerator then potentiate the bad odors that may exist in your home. Trash is also a source of bad odors, take it out every night or keep it in plastic bags in trash cans.

Humidity: Very common in times of rain, in old houses or in bathrooms, you can eliminate it by ventilating your home.

How do we eliminate the bad smell from the kitchen?

The bad odor of the kitchen can be triggered by foods with penetrating odors like fish, pork or even by some burnt saucer. This type of odors can be eliminated with the help of electrical filtering equipment that goes over the kitchen, it can eliminate or attenuate any smell, but if you do not have one then try the following methods:

Burned food and coffee

Boil the juice of three lemons with half a cup of water and cloves to taste to eliminate the smell of burned foods.

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Place used or unused coffee on the inside of your home’s pots or decorative containers. It will give a pleasant smell to your home and will keep the vermin far from your plants.

Bad Smells at Home

Citrus and White Vinegar

Do not get rid of lemon peel, grapefruit, tangerine or orange. Leave them hanging in your kitchen from small hooks and decorate them with cloves. They will keep your kitchen free of mosquitoes and insects and highly flavored, ideal to place in the rooms as mosquito repellents.

When the shells dry completely, you can pulverize them and burn them as incense.

After cooking fish you can put white vinegar to boil to eliminate the bad smell.

Lemon juice

Have you cooked with garlic and onion and want to eliminate the odor? Rub lemon juice with water in your hands and on the surface where you prepared the food.

Thyme, rosemary, bay leaf and cinnamon

Mix or use separately. Leave them on the stove while it is hot after cooking so that they emit their aroma in the form of aromatic vapor.

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Boil one tablespoon of cinnamon in half a cup of water to eliminate the smell of fish.

Dishwasher cleaner bleach

If your dishwasher stinks and you’ve tried everything, then mix ½ cup of bleach with cold water and pour it over the dishwasher, let it act for 20 minutes and let the water run.


If you cook and the odor is impregnated on each surface of the kitchen then pour half a cup of salt on the surfaces, moisten with cold water and rub.

Towels damp for the trash can

To avoid the bad smell of garbage, place half or a plastic tray (from which the ham or meat comes) and cover it with a baby wipe or the ones we use to clean our hands.

Eliminate bad smell from the refrigerator

Wash the refrigerator once a month with warm water and vinegar in equal parts. When finished leave a lemon inside split in half or some activated charcoal or a spoonful of baking soda.

Bad Smells at Home

How do I remove the bad smell from the rooms?

The rooms can accumulate bad smell due to the sweat of its occupants. The sheets, the dirty clothes as well as the sweaty shoes, if you want to avoid the bad smell in the rooms you must:

  • Change the sheets regularly.
  • Wash clothing or remove it from your room and keep it in the laundry area.
  • Then take off your shoes and leave them outside your room. If possible, outdoors or, add some baking soda powder.


Stains furniture that smells bad in your room you can use vanilla fragrance to get rid of that (while they are off and fresh). When the heat is on, it will evaporate the essence allowing you to enjoy a pleasant aroma.

You can try it with lavender essence and other aromatic oils.

Vacuum cleaner with pleasant smell

Insert kitchen towels moistened with essential oils into the clean bag of the vacuum cleaner. When passing the vacuum cleaner, this will give you a very pleasant aroma.

Remove the aroma of tobacco

If you smoke and do not want that aroma in your home, moisten a handkerchief in vinegar and shake it around the room, absorb and neutralize the aroma of tobacco.

Bad Smells at Home

How to Clean Pipes

It is very important to pour boiling water into the toilets and other pipes in your room once a month. This will remove the accumulated dirt, and then you can pour disinfectant and let it act.


If you plan to paint at home add a tablespoon of vanilla essence in the paint and place coffee beans in the room to reduce the odor.

Furniture with a musty smell

Moisten a cloth with cold water and sprinkle with baking soda, pass on the inside of the furniture and leave it in the sun during the day to eliminate the odor of moisture.

I hope these tips to eliminate the odors at home are very useful for you.

We want to be useful to you, and that these tips and tips to eliminate bad odors at home can help.

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