Recover your ideal weight after the holidays

weight loss

First of all, let’s face this challenge with the right attitude. Let’s forget about that guilt that only serves to put the most difficult things to us. Vacations are to do different things and precisely breaking with routine, changing habits is what can contribute to our gaining weight. But there is also a good side: that return to the routine that we complain so much can be our best ally to recover our ideal weight, developing better habits.

weight loss

Your diet starts at the purchase:

Supervision of a specialist in nutrition, exercise and good eating habits: these are the best allies to regain our ideal weight. We all know but we always miss some things. For example, good food starts in the cart, not the table. Start to apply new habits in the purchase:

  • Avoid buying just before eating. If you are hungry, you will buy foods rich in fats and sugars.
  • Always follow an order. If you see the cart full, you know you have to stop buying. Therefore, a trick is to start buying what occupies more space: water, vegetables, fruits, etc.
  • And of course, make the purchase by following a list, not by impulse.

weight loss

How are we going to regain our weight?

Remember something very simple: we lose weight to gain health. So the key to regaining our weight is to do it in a healthy way; that is orderly, progressive and secure.

  • Ordinate: the keyword is HABITS. Start by scheduling meals and rest times, to be regular. You can also try to dine earlier, avoid strong baking and do not bite until you’re sitting at the table.
  • Progressive: the keyword here is CHANGE. Why not try to incorporate other foods into your diet? Do it step by step. For example, it introduces vegetables and vegetables as garnishes. You will always avoid eating the same thing and you will not get bored.
  • Safe: here, YOU are the key word. There are many diets with many surnames, but the one that will work best for you is the one that Nutrition – Health specialist adapts for you.

weight loss

Get off the scale, get on the bike:

One last tip: yes, it is exercise. But, as with everything else, it is also about doing it in an orderly, progressive, safe and, above all, that makes you enjoy every minute that you devote.

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Run, bike, swim, walk … Everything counts. So your options multiply.

weight loss

How can we help you?

With a personalized treatment, combination of

  • A diet that enhances the benefits of rito nutrition,
  • Food supplements like LIPO H +, which contains an innovative association of micronutrients for a better metabolism management.
  • The Snacks with low calorie to complete your diet.
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