A Perfect Mother’s Day Menu In Italian

Of course, everyone loves their mother, and we’ll all be looking to spoil her on Mother’s Day with a thank you of some kind. For Italians especially, ‘Mamma’ has a special place in the heart of the family, and she is the glue that holds everything together. Take a leaf from the book of our European neighbours, and give your Mum a meal to remember, and one she doesn’t have to prepare herself! Don’t forget that it’s not her turn to do the dishes either.

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Starter – Zuppa del Giorno

According to the chefs at Toscana, an Italian restaurant in Dublin, homemade soup of the day can be as complicated or as simple as you choose. You’ll be making it in your own home, so you decide what ingredients to use. As a starter, keep portions small. A classic vegetable soup would do well with this menu, using fresh seasonal vegetables, such as watercress or Savoy cabbage. Serve it with rustic homemade bread for added authenticity.

Main – Salmone

Not everything in Italian cooking is pizza or pasta! For a sophisticated alternative, try this classic dish of fillet of salmon and prawns, in a creamy sauce of lemon and white wine to complement the delicate flavours of the fish. To serve, boil some new potatoes and peas. Simple but elegant, and something even a beginner can create. If you’d like to choose wine to go with the meal, a full-bodied white pairs well, so look at a Chardonnay or Viognier, or perhaps even a white Rioja.

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Dessert – Tiramisu

Contrast the subtle flavours of your main course with the ultimate Italian dessert, the “caffeine hit” – Tiramisu. The sponge is soaked in coffee and mixed with chocolate and mascarpone cheese. Serve it with proper Italian coffee, and you have the perfect end to a delicious meal. You might even try a Limoncello, too.

For more ideas on cooking up the perfect Italian Mother’s Day menu at home, try the BBC website for ideas and inspiration.

If you’d prefer to dine out in an Italian restaurant in the heart of Dublin Toscana is centrally located on the edge of Temple Bar.

Whatever you’re planning for Mother’s Day, don’t forget that the most important thing is spending time with your Mum. Buon appetito!

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