What to Do in a Flood

Flooding is a huge problem as it is something that can strike at any time, and although we can predict to a degree where flooding might occur, the main thing that you can do is to be prepared to deal with it and try to prevent as much damage as possible.

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Some of the things that you can do to reduce the damage caused by flooding to your home include:

Having a supply of sandbags and flood defences ready to use if you should need to – timing is important when protecting from a flood and this ability to respond quickly could save you a lot of trouble in the long run

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Keeping up to date with weather warnings as well as flood warnings. As well as the Met office and the Environment agency, you will be able to get information on flood risks from your local radio station.

Ensuring that your plumbing and drains are in a good state of repair – if you are unsure, contact a professional, like this drain lining surveys company, Wilkinson Environmental drain lining who will be able to check and make any repairs if necessary.

If there is a flood and the water has entered your home and garden, there are some things that you should do in order to stay as safe as possible. These include:

Turning off the main power to your electricity at the mains – this will prevent electric shock risks, which can happen when the water comes into contact with an electricity supply.

Keep away from the flood water as much as you can. If you do need to go into a flooded area, ensure that you are wearing protective clothing like wellies. It is particularly important to keep pets and children away from it.

If any food has come into contact with flood water, this must be thrown away. The same applies if you have a vegetable patch that has been flooded – you should not eat any of the produce that has been grown there, and it should not be used for around a year for growing food.

Be aware of the signs to look out for contamination due to flood water – upset stomach symptoms like vomiting and diarrhoea are common signs of illness from dirty water, and you should contact a doctor immediately if you or someone in your home shows signs of this.

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