Three Important Reasons Why Children Benefit from Playing Outdoors

Playing outdoors is good for children in many ways. Getting kids to spend time playing outdoors is important for their development – whether you create a kid friendly garden with this playgrounds Gloucester based company, or you head out for a weekend of wild camping, here are three reasons why outdoor play is so important to children…

Social Skills – A lot of playing outdoors is done in groups with other children – from organised sports like football or ruby, to playing with others at the park. There are many social skills from outdoor play which children can develop, from teamwork to co-operation.

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Health and Fitness – Running around and using their bodies helps children to develop healthy muscles and also helps their cardiovascular health. Hand eye coordination is another important skill that a lot of outdoor games can help a child to develop. Outdoor play from an early age helps to set the foundations of a healthy lifestyle into adulthood.

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A Respect and Knowledge of the Natural World – Spending time outdoors allows children to interact with the natural world. Whether you are spending the day at the beach, enjoying a walk in the woods or going to the local park to feed the ducks. This is an opportunity for children to learn about the natural world and how to care for it, something that all children should be mindful of in the future if we are to successfully stop climate change.

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