The many benefits of rural park home lving

As people we are different, so our living tastes differ too; some prefer the busy city life of London, whilst others may prefer a more quiet life in a countryside location – it ultimately depends on who you are. There are a few negatives to living out in the sticks, for example, you will not be able to get food takeaway deliveries, so if you want your favourite pizza you will have to drive to your nearby town to pick it up. And there is the annoyance of unreliable buses that come once every two hours. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives though when it comes to country living. If you’re interested in relocating to a more rural location, here are some top countryside locations in the UK.

More Country walks 

How wonderful would it be to have a nice quiet country walk on your doorstep? That is something you don’t have with city living – unless you count your local park as a walk location. Rural life is much more peaceful, and there is nothing bad about being one minute away from your local field; it may be muddier than your usual city park, but all you need is a tough pair of wellies, and you’re away! This is even better if you have a dog, because it gives them more freedom, and just gives you a better excuse to get out and go walking.

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Community feel 

It is common knowledge that living in a rural and village location is very different to city living; In the city, life goes fast, which means people don’t have much time to stop and greet one another, but country living is different because more people know each other, and will stop to say hi – giving rural living a more compact and community feel. If you’re planning on moving to a more rural area for your retirement, you could consider Park Homes Wiltshire based retirement living; these are based in beautiful rural areas, but also has that community feel from fellow park owners – why not find out more at You will soon make friends and will be able to enjoy a quiet country life.

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More Healthier living

There are many benefits to country living including health benefits; when you live in a rural area, there will be less pollution – which is healthier for you and your family. You can even buy your food locally like meat, eggs, milk, fruit, and vegetables; this means food is grown and produced more naturally and organically – no more harmful chemicals for you. You will really be able to taste the difference of their organically grown produce.

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