How To Take Care of Jewelry on a Busy Schedule

Wearing the right jewelry makes you look polished and professional. Most people have a jewelry collection that’s a mixture of sentimental, valuable and classic pieces. Whichever you own, you want them to stay beautiful. Here are four easy tips to care for your treasures, even if you’re on a busy schedule.

Store Jewelry Correctly

Leaving jewelry lying around makes it susceptible to damage and getting lost. When you remove a piece, take an extra minute to store it correctly. One of the quickest ways is in a dedicated drawer covered with velvet liners in your specific measurements. This soft surface makes any drawer a safe, accessible place to store your trinkets.

Keep Away from Harsh Chemicals

Chemicals destroy the finish on jewelry, so remove rings, bracelets and earrings before touching them. This includes cleaning products, pool chlorine and hair color. Also, keep jewels away from perfume and hairspray mist to avoid build-up.

Clean Jewels Gently

When you clean your jewelry, all you need is warm water, gentle dish soap and a soft cloth. Use the softest toothbrush you can find to gently scrub away the debris. If you use the sink, be sure to block the drain so you don’t lose something forever.

Never Sleep in Your Jewelry

If you work a crazy schedule, all you want to do at the end of the day is fall into bed. Before you do, take a moment to remove jewels and store them. Sleeping in jewelry, especially delicate pieces, can result in heartbreak when you discover you’ve broken an irreplaceable heirloom in your sleep.

Prolong the Life of Your Jewels

No matter what’s in your jewelry collection, each piece is special and deserves care. Take the time to safely store your jewelry, keep it away from chemicals and clean gently. These quick measures can prolong the life of your jewels for many years to come.

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