Choosing a Preschool Approach for Your Child

The early years of preschool are a time for children to fall in love with learning, to engage in sensory play, explore their world, and develop a love for curiosity and making new connections. The good news is that there are many wonderful preschool philosophies, and more than one of those options may be wonderful for your child.

How To Choose a Preschool Approach

How can you choose one when so many approaches seem perfect? The first step is to review your options. The second step is to allow yourself to love more than one option but to choose just one. Finally, spend some time in your preferred preschool environment until you’re comfortable leaving your little one. When exploring the best preschools in jacksonville fl, you’ll probably come across these popular approaches:

1. Montessori

These schools are modelled on an educational approach developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. The teachers gently guide students in the children’s chosen activities and interests. The main goals of this approach are to encourage independence and accountability. Learning is generally child-driven.

2. Waldorf

The Waldorf method was developed by Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian scientist. This model focuses on the potential of the child, so lessons are child-driven. Artistic activities, experiences, and studies (as directed by the child’s passion for deeper understanding, are common in warm, mindful classroom environments.

3. Reggio Emilia

This holistic approach to early education was developed by Loris Malaguuzi. This learning method is also child-driven and focuses on the child’s freedom to explore ideas and express them in many ways, including movement, hands-on activities, artwork, and relationships.

4. Bank Street

This educational approach was developed by Lucy Sprague Mitchell. Within the early learning classroom, specialists seek to encourage emotional, social, intellectual, and physical skills. The curriculum is interdisciplinary, allowing for students of different ages to engage in learning about a variety of topics. Again, this method is fairly child-driven.

A few other options include the HighScope method with a curriculum based on key development indicators, religious schools, and parent co-ops. As you work to identify your favorite programs, remember to visit the preschools to get a feel for how the teaching styles fit with your goals and your child’s personality.

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