All About Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Aside from being attractive, oval diamonds have some advantages over round diamonds. These diamonds are durable, have high brilliance, and can hide imperfections well. In addition, they are generally more affordable than round diamonds. Read on for the top reasons to purchase an oval diamond engagement ring. But why do we prefer oval diamonds? Read on to discover the top benefits of this shape. And, of course, don’t forget to look at our tips for choosing the perfect engagement ring.

Oval diamonds have a lot of brilliance.

Oval diamonds have a large surface area and a high amount of brilliance. As a result, they are less expensive than their brilliant round counterparts. An oval diamond will always appear larger than a round diamond regardless of its shape, even if it is cut differently. Here are some tips for choosing an engagement ring with an oval diamond. Oval diamond engagement rings are more popular than round diamonds.

Oval diamonds are often classified according to their color. GIA grades diamonds from D-Z. If the setting you’re buying is white gold or platinum, then a diamond of H color or above is recommended. While selecting a specific diamond color for your engagement ring is not necessary, it’s worth keeping in mind that close color grades are hard to distinguish.

Oval diamonds hide other blemishes well.

Oval diamond engagement rings hide other blemish types well, which is good news for you if you are concerned about the look of your diamond. In addition, this ring style can work with diamonds of lower clarity grades because of how they shape the stone. This article outlines ways to find an oval diamond engagement ring with a lower clarity grade. Read on to learn more.

Oval diamonds have a greater ability to hide other blemishes than round diamonds. While round diamonds are more likely to have inclusions near the center, ovals hide these blemishes well. For example, a bow tie is a shadow visible across an oval diamond’s width. Bow-ties are visible in all color grades but are most prominent in lower-color diamonds. As a result, buyers should choose near-colorless oval diamonds to prevent unwanted appearances.

Oval diamonds  are durable

Oval diamond engagement rings are a beautiful choice for your upcoming wedding. Ovals are often more affordable than round diamonds and can last a lifetime. They are also easier to care for than round ones. In addition to being durable, oval diamond engagement rings are also easier to clean. To keep your diamonds sparkling, check for signs of bow tie formation, which is a common problem with round diamonds.

The modern oval cut was created in the 1950s and 60s by Lazare Kaplan, a Russian jeweler. The contemporary oval cut is a variation of the classic round cut but retains a rounded edge, giving the stone more durability. The shape is also easy to clean and is ideal for daily wear and an active lifestyle. A ring with an oval shape will look particularly lovely on a woman with small or thick hands because it gives the impression of greater length.

Oval diamonds are more affordable than round diamonds.

Oval diamonds are more affordable than round diamonds. This is due in part to their shallower cut and lack of waste. While a round diamond may have the best cut quality, the shape and cut of an oval diamond can make it look much more colorful. The price difference is mostly a matter of taste and personal preference. However, you should consider a few factors before making a final decision.

Oval diamonds are less expensive than round diamonds, making them an ideal option for couples who want to impress their special someone with a stunning ring at a low cost. Their shape and size make them look bigger than round diamonds and, consequently, are less expensive per carat. Oval diamonds are elongated and have a high proportion of width to length, which means that an oval cut diamond can look as large as a two-carat round diamond.

Oval diamonds give the illusion of longer, more slender fingers.

Oval diamond engagement rings have become increasingly popular, thanks to their unique shape and popularity among celebrities. Katie Holmes received an oval diamond ring from Tom Cruise, and the actresses Rebecca Romijn and Victoria Beckham also wear them. In addition, Whitney Houston wore an oval-shaped ring with side stones at her wedding. Oval-cut diamonds have the same fire as round-cut diamonds, and their shape is flattering to smaller fingers. They also give off a feminine look.

Oval diamonds have a bow-tie effect, a dark patch in the center of the stone when the light hits it. This makes the stone appear larger than its actual carat weight and gives it a beautiful, intense sparkle. In contrast, round diamonds tend to have less sparkle because their shape requires more dexterity to form. Because of this, they cost more to produce.

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