Why Christmas can be such a stressful time of year

Whilst Christmas may be considered a magical time of the year, it can be highly stressful due to its many pressures, burdens, and responsibilities.
Causes of stress

There is a burden to fulfil the expectations and vision many people have of Christmas. There are pressures, especially amidst social media, to have the ‘perfect’ day. Many people feel obligated to host or carry out certain traditions, with the responsibility of organising events and fulfilling expectations sometimes stressful and overwhelming.

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Social and family obligations can see a person feeling trapped, especially if long-standing tensions or disagreements come to the forefront. Many people spend time with people with whom they would not usually interact.

People who are isolated can feel like an outsider to the Christmas celebrations. They may live alone or have few social connections. Groups that don’t participate in the Christian faith may also feel marginalised.

Overcommitment to the festivities may see an excess of alcohol consumption and financial outlay. There is also a huge emotional commitment to the build-up to the big day, which can contribute to worry and anxiety.

Couples counselling

Studies suggest that Christmas is the most stressful month for couples, with one in five considering separation and having an average of four arguments per day.

Couples counselling allows both parties to be heard and understood. It is a useful tool for those who are in a loving and committed relationship but are struggling with stressors and behaviours that are negatively impacting their dynamic.

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Christmas can cause couples to forget about the positive aspects of a relationship; however, with the correct help and guidance, it is possible to re-evaluate and focus.

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