Unlocking the Value – Why Buying a Chevrolet is a Smart Investment

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Chevy has been around for over a century and has an excellent reputation for quality. Chevrolet vehicles deliver outstanding reliability with exceptional safety, engine performance, and a great use of technology. Buying a vehicle is always a big investment, but you can rest easy knowing that you are investing in a solid Chevy model.


The new Chevy near Lebanon offers excellent value and a great return on investment. From the award-winning Corvette sports car to the Silverado full-size pickup, Chevy cars and trucks are some of our top picks in each class. Chevy’s SUV lineup also features some of our best-selling models, including the Suburban and Traverse. Unlike some other brands, Chevrolet’s vehicles are generally easy to maintain and can retain value for years to come. However, adding aftermarket accessories can hurt the value of your vehicle. High mileage will also reduce a vehicle’s overall value.


The reliability of a vehicle is a key consideration when shopping for your next car. Chevrolets are some of the most reliable vehicles on America’s roads. The brand’s popularity and affordability mean drivers can enjoy great value without compromising quality or style.

The brand’s cars, trucks, and SUVs are engineered for performance with an ideal blend of power, efficiency, and comfort. Chevrolet engines are praised for their responsiveness and smooth acceleration. Whether running errands in Montebello or cruising along the 60 Freeway, your Chevrolet will easily handle every journey.


Buying a Chevrolet gives you a safe vehicle for you and your passengers. Chevrolet vehicles are built with your safety in mind, from the fully electric Bolt EV to the airbags and safety features that come standard in every model. Being a Chevrolet owner gives you access to OnStar, an in-vehicle and app-based security and support system.

From its beginnings, Chevrolet has been about making quality cars accessible to everyday drivers. From affordable four- and six-cylinder engines to the iconic small-block V-8, the brand has been a leader in providing performance that is within reach. The company’s focus on efficiency and safety has made it a top driver choice.


Chevrolets are renowned for their affordability and offer many of the same features as luxury vehicles. The Chevy brand offers more models aimed at cost-conscious shoppers than any other GM division. This includes a full-size SUV lineup with the Tahoe and Suburban, plus two traditional pickup trucks in the Silverado and Colorado. Chevrolet’s car-based SUV lineup includes the mid-size Blazer, subcompact Trax, compact Equinox, and three-row Traverse.

The bow tie logo is recognizable worldwide, and Chevrolet has long been known for bringing cutting-edge technology to a wide range of cars and trucks. For example, the brand’s early adoption of landmark technologies like safety glass and fuel injection helped set it apart from other automakers.

Pre-Owned Vehicles

Chevy has an extensive lineup of pre-owned vehicles for drivers concerned about spending much money on a vehicle. You can get a loaded top-trim Silverado for less than you would expect or a sleek Camaro for under $25,000.

Additionally, many major manufacturers offer certified pre-owned programs. These CPO vehicles are inspected and have extended warranty coverage. The programs also offer more buyer confidence than traditional used vehicles. They typically have no-accident histories, lower mileage, and are backed by the manufacturer. You can find these models through authorized dealerships. They are often cherry-picked and offer significant savings over buying new ones. Some CPO cars have the latest safety technology, like pedestrian braking systems and lane departure warnings.

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