How to look stylish in a hoodie this winter

The hoodie is one of the most practical items of clothing to wear in the cold winter months. It is warm and cosy, easy to just slip on and lounge around in whenever you want. It is not, however, generally considered a particularly stylish option. That does not mean you cannot look fashionable in a hoodie; it just means you need to think about how it fits with your overall outfit.

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Hoodies have been around for the last century but it is in the last few decades that they have become really popular. From a cultural statement to a branded symbol representing a club or sports team, they convey an immediate and powerful impression that can change depending on your accompanying garments, particularly outerwear. Just look at the Ralph Lauren menswear available from the likes of EJ Menswear.

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If it is really cold then the hoodie will not be enough and you might look for a proper large coat to keep you toasty inside. Take the edge off your sharp double-breasted coat with a softer hoodie to combine sophistication with casual flair. A white hoodie will make a striking contrast to a dark coat.


Another way to keep warm and dry, the parka will stay modern and stylish if you keep the parka and hoodie combination simple and understated. For instance, choose items that are dark in colour for an easy elegance, especially when paired with drawstring or tailored trousers.

Leather jacket

Leather is not just one of the most stylish materials, it is also sturdy and durable, able to stand up to all kinds of weather. A black hoodie with a black leather jacket is almost edgy in appearance, dark jeans will complete the rocker look or blue jeans will keep it urban.

Bomber jacket

This is more contemporary than classic, giving you a modern style with a definite urban feel. The bomber jacket can come in leather, wool or nylon and can be paired with a strikingly simple zip-up hoodie in black, navy or grey. Jeans and trainers will keep the city-friendly feel.

Denim jacket

Denim is the epitome of casual coolness, and its many shades of blue will go with pretty much anything. White or grey in your hoodie will keep it simple and stylish, as will some darker jeans with trainers.

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