Ever considered starting a knitting business?

A knitting business can be profitable if the process is started in the correct way. If it proves to be successful, you can even make a career out of knitting. Before picking up the needles, there are steps that must be followed to ensure your pattern is profitable.
Create a business plan

If you are unaccustomed to writing a business plan, you can get help from an expert adviser. The first step in starting the business is knowing how it will be run. You will need to set a budget and outline your mission.

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Do your research and know your prices

It is important to do your research by looking at competitors and finding out how much they charge for similar products. Think about how you will manage your stock in a physical store and how you plan to take orders from customers.

Think of a quirky and intriguing name

The name and logo of your knitting company should be unique and eye-catching. You will want to create a memorable brand that offers something new. A logo can be created online, or you may choose to use a creator or marketer with artistic talent. Also, check that your website name is available.

How will you sell your knitted items?

Think about how you will sell your items. You could keep to a core number of uniform products or offer customised and personalised items.

Consider whether you want to rent a store to have a physical presence on the high street or if you want to trade solely online. According to the Halifax Courier a popular craft and knitting business which was a contestant on Dragons’ Den in 2017 has recently opened a flagship shop in Halifax.

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Crochet is just as popular as knitting and is aimed at all ages. If you are looking for crochet blanket kits, they are available from specialist outlets such as https://www.woolcouturecompany.com.

Is it possible to have knitting as my full-time job?

Making a full-time salary from knitting or crochet can be challenging, but there are real opportunities for income in this industry.

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