The top things to buy for a high-tech garage

Garages today are used for a variety of purposes, including as storage and a workspace. This can lead to a messy, unattractive garage that could be dangerous. How many times have we been hit in the head with items stored haphazardly above us or slipped over oil splattered on the floor? It’s time to get rid of that clutter in your garage and transform it into a smart, functional space by adding some of the newest garage gadgets.

Power at the Touch of a Button – How many times did you drive away, thinking you may have left your garage door open? You can now open and close garage doors from your smartphone. It will notify you when the garage door is opened or shut and is compatible with most garage models.

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Shelving – You can find racking that is suitable for storing medium to heavy items like drills, paint pots or even a small lawn mower depending on the flooring.

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Motion Sensors – The bulbs will only turn on when you enter your garage. No more searching in the dark for your tools or the light switch! You can also say goodbye to high electricity bills, since they are LED and therefore, energy-saving.

Work on the Move – Garage workbenches are a necessity for every garage. However, the trend today is mobile workbenches. The workbenches can hold up to 50kg and are both mobile and light.

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