Your skin will charge you! Find out here what you are doing wrong

Your face and your skin may be the most important things for you to take care of them in your busy life. And the truth is, if you do not take care of it from the beginning, it will give you the bill over the years.

Don’t wait till you see any wrinkles or any blemishes or blemishes to be appearing before you start caring. The best thing is to protect your skin from an early age, starting with some basic things that eventually your skin will thank you and later on you don’t have to spend thousands of beauty products or processes.

Look below these basic tips will help you to take care of your skin and the best part is that you do not have to spend a lot of money to carry them out:skin care

We don’t use blocker

If you do not use sunscreen your skin will suffer from premature aging because ultraviolet rays burn your skin and start coming spots, lines, wrinkles, dryness.

So you no longer have an excuse not to use your blocker. Look for the best option for you, there are many products in the market to protect your skin from burning in the sun and give you a white screen, in addition, there are different textures, for each type of skin and you must have a minimum of SPF 30.


The cigarette will harm you and definitely cause you diseases in the long term, it will affect your skin anyway, and this is very true. If you smoke, your skin will dry up, will be a little red in certain parts, and will appear the marked lines and care

Drink lots of alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol can because you blood contamination and also can show up little inflammation or redness in the face and care

 Choose wrong products

Do not buy the products or use the products just because you see them in some advertising or because someone recommended it. First, you have to ensure what type of skin you have and how your skin will be reacting before using certain products; a dermatologist might help you to choose the best products for you until you know your skin well.

 Do not take care of your chest and neck

The neck and chest are equally important parts of your body like your face because they are also exposed; besides, we often don’t pay attention for them like we do for the face. If your neck will be mistreated or wrinkled you should start taking care of them just like your care

 Use dirty paintbrushes

Make sure you are not using dirty makeup brushes! As dirt accumulates it will make you appear granites. You should clean your brushes every week or twice in a week with a special care

 To be glued to the cell

It’s very common to see the teenager being stuck to their phone, talking for hours, it no matters it will make the heat generated redness, irritation, and even a pimple.

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Do not wash your face at night

It is very important washing your face at night, as you remove all the makeup and dirt that you were exposed all day long. In addition, at night your skin regenerates and when you breathe better it should be clean before appearing care

 To eat junk food

The attraction for a different flavor and all those fast food we often lost our control in our diet and don’t bother to have some of them. But eating them almost every day is very dangerous and you will appear granites.

A lot of makeup

Do not use a bunch of makeup, as I understand that makes us look much more beautiful and highlights our attributes, but try to use very little or just about what is necessary and avoid everyday use. Rest your makeup and always remove everything before you go to bed because it will make your skin crumple faster and appear more visible expression lines quickly.

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