Reasons to Visit a Foot and Ankle Specialist

Even though most people use their feet every day, many of them put off seeing a foot doctor. In fact, a foot and ankle specialist doesn’t even cross their mind when they experience problems with their lower extremities. If you’re one of those people, then it’s time for a change. Even if you’re healthy, seeing a foot and ankle specialist can help ensure that your feet stay in tip-top shape. To solve issues from calluses to foot surgery, seeking the help of a specialist is a wise choice. However, there are other issues that may warrant a trip to a podiatrist.

Diabetic Wound

If you have a wound on your foot or toe that’s not healing and you’re diabetic, this is a cause for concern. Diabetic wounds are worrisome because they can take time to heal. If you don’t care for your diabetic wound, it could lead to an infection. As a result, the tissue in the affected area may begin to die and spread to other tissue, which could ultimately, lead to amputation. Therefore, diabetic foot care harrisonburg va is very important.

Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenails occur when one or more of your toenails curl into the skin on the toe. If this problem persists, you could end up with an infection and pus could start collecting in the toe. This is because the skin of the toe is trying to heal itself. Therefore, it expels fluids in order to get the nail – a foreign object – out of the skin. If you have a certain health condition that leaves you prone to developing an infection, then it’s definitely a good idea to see a foot specialist.

The feet are one of the most neglected parts of the body, yet they have many important functions. Take care of your feet, and they’ll take care of you.

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