Idol Lash Review

Lash Review

Idol lash is a serum that you apply to your eyelashes when you want to enhance their growth. It actually makes them grow thicker and healthier looking. Also any Idol Lash review will tell you that it does not stop you from using any of the other eye products you are used to like mascara or eyeliner. You only need to begin with it so that it can penetrate the hair follicles effectively.

Why do eyelashes deteriorate as to require a product like Idol Lash?

  • Age

It is natural for eyelashes to thin out as you grow older.

  • Ill health

If you have suffered an illness that makes your hair thinner, chances are that even your eyelashes are adversely affected too.

  • Excessive use of mascara may make your lashes break of thin out.
  • If you do not clean off your mascara religiously before bed.

How easy is it to use Idol Lash?

This serum is very easy to use and convenient too. All you need to do is hold the small applicator that comes in the bottle and ensure it has just enough serum since you do not want to drip any. Then use what you have on the brush on the lash lines of both your eyes. Obviously that makes the product particularly cost-effective as you only need to use a little amount per application. Also according to the manufacturers, applying the serum once a day is sufficient.

Lash Review

What results can one realistically expect?

It is realistic to expect a healthier and brighter look after using Idol Lash for a while. This look comes from:

  • Longer lashes
  • Thicker lashes
  • Darker lashes
  • Fuller lashes

How does Idol Lash change lives?

After using this product for some time:

  • You will regain the natural look of youth even if your lashes had been damaged.
  • You can comfortably bid farewell to mascara without losing your attractive look.
  • You can go swimming or visit the gym without fearing that mascara will soak or melt on you.

Which ingredients make up Idol Lash?

They are chamomile extract; keratin; kelp extract; polypeptides; vitamins; honey extract; proteins; and some moisturisers.

Why is Idol Lash proving to be so popular among women?

Almost every Idol Lash review brings out the sentiments of excited women expressing confidence in the product. They say they have found it to be:

  • Safe

No adverse side effects noticed

  • Easy to apply

It has a very easy Do-it-Yourself method of application

  • Convenient

Applying it just before bedtime is very convenient. Again, it makes your life easier as you can move around without mascara if you plan to work out.

  • Effective

The lashes actually grow longer and thicker after only a fortnight or so of using the product.

And after all, the product has been clinically proven.

Is there anything else a user needs to know?

  • If your skin is normally extra sensitive, discuss with your doctor before using the product. This is a precaution you need to take with any other product too.
  • If you are already having serious health complications, you need to discuss with your doctor about your wish to use this product so that you can benefit from an expert opinion.
  • Use your bottle of Idol Lash exclusively as eyes and the area around them are sensitive parts of the body.
  • If you want maximum effectiveness of this product, apply it soon after a shower or a bath. That way it will penetrate the hair follicles with ease. For more reviews visit

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