Is Xtreme NO An Effective Muscle Building Supplement?

Muscle Building Supplement?

Xtreme NO is an energy enhancing, muscle building supplement that comes in a bottle of 90 tablets hygienically packaged to reach you in good condition. Xtreme NOcontains L-arginine as its active ingredient. Once in your system, the ingredient, which is a protein, converts to Nitric Oxide; whose chemical symbol is NO.

Of what use is Extreme NO?

The product helps you withstand physical stress. Since it contains L-arginine, an ingredient that readily converts to Nitric Oxide, and Nitric Oxide helps to carry much needed oxygen to all cells of the body, it follows that you will be getting energised faster than otherwise and maintaining stamina during strenuous exercises much longer.

You will also find yourself developing the lean muscle you have sought for long in the gym much faster. With relaxed muscles and stamina, you will find yourself loving the gym since you will be feeling rejuvenated. On the overall, this product improves your health, image and self-confidence.

Muscle Building Supplement?

How exactly does Xtreme NO work?

The product works in a simple but highly effective manner. All you need to do is swallow two tablets about thirty minutes or so before your work-out and gulp a sizeable amount of water with it. Have in mind that you are not looking for an extreme high but consistent and sustained release of energy to sustain you for most of the day. Once you have taken your dose, you will feel your muscles begin to relax within no time and this is because your blood vessels will be well dilated to receive oxygenated blood as it circulates to reach every cell of your body. If you had any soreness in your muscles you will realise it is no longer drawing your attention, and you will generally feel revitalised and raring to go.

What makes you know that Extreme NO is working for you?

You will tell that the tablets you are taking are working for you when:

  • You are able to last the whole duration of the workout without running out of breath or feeling sore.
  • When you find yourself looking forward to gym time without any soreness of muscle to make you dread it, even when you have been doing a lot of weight lifting.
  • When your Six Pack begins to take shape on your body where fat and water mass existed.
  • And, of course, when familiar heads begin to turn.

How safe is Extreme NO?

The product is as safe as they get. Excess of anything, however, is bad and this product is no exception. As long as you keep to the recommended dosage, you will be fine. Its safety mainly lies in the fact that it is made up of natural ingredients including:

  • Vitamin B
  • L citruline
  • dicalcium phosphate,
  • L-arginine: the main ingredient

Besides, unlike many products that help to energise you and build your lean muscle, this product does not contain artificial stimulants.

Any word of caution?

  • Again, keep to the dosage.
  • If you are taking other medication, particularly long-term, you need to seek your doctor’s opinion. There are different reasons for this and one of them is that the medication you are already on may contain L-arginine and hence you would be overdosing if you took Extreme NO.
  • If you are a lactating mother, do not take the product before your doctor clears you.
  • If you are pregnant, the same goes; your doctor must be involved to give you his professional opinion.

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