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With Americans currently in the dog days of summer, many families are thinking about cooler weather and preparing the kids for the upcoming school year. That means new school supplies, tech upgrades and, of course, new clothes!

New clothes are an important part of preparing for the new school year, and many parents might be left scrambling to find new styles for their growing kids, maturing teens and fashion-forward college kids. And of course, your wardrobe might be in need of an update! Read on to see how your family can stay fashionable without breaking the bank.

Look For Sales At Your Local Mall

The easiest way to locate some discounts is to stop by your local strip mall and seeing what discounts the stores are promoting. Many retail chains offer regular sales in various departments, with most of them doing back-to-school sales beginning in July.

Families can take advantage of these discounts by shopping at stores while they’re having these discounts. Many of these stores advertise their discounts and the duration of their discounts on their website, allowing families to plan shopping trips easily.

Many clothing chains also offer rewards programs and cards. Using those in conjunction with any sales can further help you and your family save money.

In addition, an event app on your phone can also help you keep track of any events or other information pertaining to your favorite stores.

Use Promo Code Sites

Families can also make use of websites that collect promo codes to save a few bucks while clothing shopping. These websites are all about finding the best possible discounts for popular businesses and companies. These sites offer things like Kohl’s promo codes, Macy’s promo codes, American Eagle promo codes and discounts for countless other big-name retailers.

These promo codes act as digital coupons, allowing you to shop online with discount codes. These codes knock off a certain amount off your purchase total, and can sometimes be combined with other coupons or rewards programs for further savings.

Promo code sites also organize all promo codes so that buyers can pick and choose which codes best apply to their purchases. This way, unlike paper coupons, buyers don’t have to worry about reaching the end of their online purchase only to find that they don’t have an applicable coupon code. Promo codes take out all the guesswork.

Find a Local Thrift Store

Thrifting can be a fun shopping experience for families looking to save some money. Not only will donated clothes find a new home with your family, you and your kids can make your purchases your own by adding in patchwork, iron-ons, bedazzling, or even doing some embroidery! This way, your children will have truly unique pieces that they had a hand in making. Thrift shops also have a collection of other items in addition to clothes that families can use to fill their home.

Your kids will also be able to pay it forward at a later date, when they donate their own clothes that they’ve outgrown or grown tired of.


Families don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to get some new looks for themselves and their children. By making use of sales, promo codes, thrift stores and other money-saving options, parents don’t have to worry about spending too much. Families should look into every option available to them, and figure out which solutions work best for them.

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