Tips for having healthy hair

healthy hair

The stress of daily life given the current rhythm of society is translated into our body in the production of free radicals that oxidize and age the body cells, also our hair. This cellular oxidation is the main responsible for aging and is the common goal of researchers trying to fight against this oxidative factor.  As the summer season approaches, many people will have itchy scalp that generates temptations to scratch firmly until they disappear. The problem is that many times, far from disappearing, these become more intense as the area is scratched , generating a greater sensitivity in the scalp , which just flakes and dandruff.

At the beginning of the summer, our scalp is increasingly exposed to the sun, with the disadvantages that this entails for the maintenance of a correct capillary health. Following are a number of tips to avoid, as far as possible, unwanted consequences of oxidation and the arrival of heat.

 healthy hair

1. Wet hair and scalp thoroughly

Before washing the hair and applying the chosen shampoo, it is vital that both hair and scalp are totally wet. This maneuver, which a priori may be of no importance, is very useful for dragging and removing the layer of dead cells of the scalp, as well as dandruff.

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The use of anti-dandruff shampoos is more than recommended in these cases to treat the problem and prevent dandruff in the future, which in addition to problems in capillary health, has the aesthetic appearance that can be uncomfortable for anyone who suffers.

 healthy hair

2. Avoid excessively strong products

With the use of shampoos that are very aggressive, the integrity of the scalp can be compromised, and end up producing the secretion of an excessive amount of sebum. When this sebum accumulates in the scalp, the main consequence is hair fall, so in these cases it is recommended to use hair loss shampoos that prevent hair loss.

 healthy hair3. Emulsify the shampoo slowly

When applying a shampoo to wash the hair, it is necessary to take into account that a correct application can avoid problems in the future. Gently massage the head for about 2-3 minutes while the shampoo is applied gradually will allow it to peel off the layer of dead cells and dandruff.

4. Rinse with plenty of water

In order to remove all traces of shampoo and dry skin or dandruff, a thorough rinsing will prevent the permanence of these remains and prevent itching or the appearance of new dandruff.

 healthy hair5. Apply a weekly treatment

Ideally, once a week a specific treatment for the scalp will be applied to calm the itching and reduce inflammation of the scalp to finish normalizing the affected area. I recommend the BTX treatment that gives the hair a lot of shine; it fills from the inside and rejuvenates its appearance from the first application, nourishing the hair in depth. In this chart you will see well the steps to follow and how the product should be mixed.

Its benefits on our hair are due to its content in Collagen, Keratin, Argan Oil, Amino Acids and Phospholipids.

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