Must-Have Items to Pack for Your Spring Vacation

Must-Have Items to Pack for Your Spring Vacation

Spring is the perfect time for traveling: the popular tourist places are less crowded, the weather is not as scorching hot as during summertime, and you can explore the city while admiring the blossoming trees. During this time of the year, there are some essential things that you should pack to make your vacation relaxing and care-free, and here is the short yet comprehensive list of everything you must not forget adding to your luggage.


Although the spring sun rays are not as dangerous and harmful as the summer ones, sunscreen is still a must in any traveler’s suitcase. Ideally, you should wear sun block every day of the year, regardless of the season, since this cream protects you from sunburn, pigment spots, and premature aging. Korean sunscreens are without the doubt the best on the market, all thanks to the innovative chemical filters that they use. Get a waterproof cream and apply it to your face and the unprotected body parts every day, since sunburn is definitely not the souvenir you’d like to bring back from a trip.

Basic Clothing

Spring is well-known for its unpredictable weather, which makes packing for a vacation troublesome. However, by getting a few basic and versatile pieces, you can create a variety of outfits for any weather and occasion. White cotton t-shirts, denim jeans, gray sweats, knit sweaters, lightweight jackets and cardigans – this clothing will help you stay comfortable and cozy no matter the changes in temperature. Additionally, give preference to the pieces that come in a neutral color palette, as this makes it easy for you to mix and match them and always look stylish even during your busy trips.


While on the topic of must-have clothing essentials, let’s not overlook the importance of accessories, especially in such an inconstant weather as the spring one. The right cap can protect you both from the burning sun and the pouring rain, and Irish caps are the best headpieces for these purposes. They are made of 100% natural fabrics like wool, tweed, cotton, and linen, and come in various colors and designs that can complement any look. Hop on to find the perfect Irish cap for you and it is guaranteed that it will become a trusted travel staple in your wardrobe.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is extremely important for our well-being especially during transitional seasons such as spring, but we often tend to forget about drinking water while exploring new places and only eating at restaurants. An eco-friendly water bottle can help you become more responsible when it comes to the amount of water that you drink everyday, so adding it to your carry-on bag is a must. Recently, the world went crazy over the Stanley cup, with people literally waking up at 2 AM to stay in line when the company released new colors or special editions. However, our suggestion is to use the water bottle that you most-likely already have at home and refill it throughout the day.

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