Managing Emotions, the First Step to Addressing a Successful Diet

balanced diet

Having a constant hunger sensation or failing to achieve the desired results in the short term can lead to frustration in dieting. To carry out a diet properly it is essential to think long term and to be clear that it is a change of mentality and habits of life rather than a temporary modification in nutrition.

balanced diet

What is the best time to have a balanced diet?

Regarding the optimal time to start a diet, it’s time to prepare yourself mentally before you begin, “when you have clear the reasons why you do it and when the work environment or personal is favorable.” This is important because of the psychological state influences remarkably when facing a diet since to maintain a balanced diet and establish proper exercise routines it is necessary not to become obsessed. At this time it may be essential to complement the work of the nutritionist with that of a psychologist who helps to manage the emotions.

balanced diet

Bring necessary changes in your life

You have to “want” to start a diet, in many cases, these involve real changes in a person’s life and it is essential to feel prepared. To do this, on the one hand, it is convenient to have the necessary tools (nutritionist, psychologist) and, on the other hand, to carry out a real decision in which the person clearly identifies the reasons why he wants to make the diet and establish feasible objectives with himself, adjusted to reality, to avoid unnecessary frustration.

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In this sense, the Sanitas Blua digital insurance offers users the possibility of having specialized counseling programs in nutrition to promote healthy living habits, in psychology to maintain the mental well-being and the support of personal trainers to help the user to improve their physical condition.

balanced diet

Also establishing fixed schedules and having free time to cook facilitates the process when facing a successful diet. “Planning the meals and making five intakes a day, we will achieve the objectives in a more effective way”. Likewise, go to the supermarket with the list of purchases previously planned, do not skip any of the meals, give importance to breakfast to start the day with more energy and enjoy making healthy and different dishes that do not make them fall into boredom are some Of the tricks that can help you tackle a successful diet.

balanced diet

Do some exercises and yoga:

As for the exercise, activities like the yoga have positive effects when reinforcing the diet, since “bring calm and help overcome anxiety when performing movements that speed up metabolism and burn nutrients.” In this line, having a personal trainer can help us to set an order and adopt healthy lifestyle habits.

In order to obtain satisfactory results, a good dose of effort and constancy is necessary to avoid falling into the typical anxiety binge. However, if this happens, “the important thing is not to feel guilty and not to throw away all the work done by the rail. It is necessary to assume that in the process of changing habits of life, there are ups and downs and fits the times in which the guidelines are broken. It is preferable to accept this from the beginning and try to recover the marked discipline as soon as possible when this happens. Also, analyze why it has happened and try to look for alternatives to similar situations. For this, the help of a specialist is essential.”

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