Evolution of the beauty of women

beauty of women

The evolution of women’s beauty has gone through many fashions. In all of them, the woman has been forced to change and adapt to the social tastes of the time. In this article, you can see a brief summary of the changes and transformations that the woman’s body has undergone throughout history. Beauty is undoubtedly a concept that varies constantly. It is influenced by the social and cultural moment. And all of us, as unique individuals, have a subjective concept of beauty.

Throughout history, in the constant pursuit of beauty, women have met the beauty standards of the time. Today seems to be slender, like many models, the something beautiful. In an attempt to approach this model are made diets to lose weight.

beauty of women

Changes in the model of the beauty of the woman

But it is not the only historical moment in which slenderness has overestimated. Already in century XVI idealized the woman with little breast but the high and diminutive waist. For this, the famous corset was used, a piece of fabric very reinforced that was tied around the chest and up to the waist, in order to tighten the body and erect it.

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The prototype of feminine beauty in the first decades of the twentieth century was based on a very thin figure, with a white skin, no chest, with a somewhat childish type where the most important thing was to show an attractive face. The waist was not marked; on the contrary, they wore wide dresses of very low waist combined with blouses and shirts with a wide sleeve that completely covered the female figure.

beauty of women

Taking a leap and skipping the period of the two European wars, where it was sought to survive at all costs and beauty and other more superficial aspects of life passed into the background, we reached the 60s where the prototype woman Ideal changes. The woman is exalted with a generous breast and with much-exaggerated curves that conform a woman throwing orondo (the memory of the past hunger in the time of wars, perhaps  …). The women to imitate are Marilyn Monroe, Sofia Loren, Lina Lollobrigida.

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In the 80’s tastes evolve and women start going to the gym on a regular basis. Awareness of the importance of health, which influences the ideal of feminine beauty: The woman of this decade seeks to have strong shoulders, very narrow waist and drained hip. The female idols at the moment are Sharon Stone, Kim Basinger, and Diane Keaton. This taste for the feminine type that remembers the masculine in the forms has evolved until the present century.

beauty of women

And how is the current taste for the beauty of women?

If there is one thing I can tell you about the current moment are that it takes everything. At the beginning of this century, and reminiscent of the 1990s, they still liked strong, curvaceous but not exaggerated women who looked healthy and worked in gyms.

Proof of this is the famous tops: Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell etc. As the fashion is made of contrasts the ideal of feminine beauty evolved to seek an absolute thinness. I believe that the denial of the femininity of women in their sexual and biological attributes was almost sought: the curves. This is evident in the feminine models that show anorexia, and sadly still can be seen today on some runways: Victoria Beckham, Isabela Caro- the sad and famous anorexic model who died of this disease after campaigning against Extreme thinness and so many others.

The good news is that it seems that the fashion of extreme thinness has passed, many fashion firms refuse to take very thin models like Vogue, Anahi, etc. Now the woman’s ideal beauty is the strong, latin type woman with curves, like Jenifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Christina Hendriks … finally good news for women who care about their health and are not ashamed of their curves.

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