Knowing where you stand with Dr Hannibal Lecter

There are phone calls that you really don’t want to get. For example, if you are an FBI agent who has just had a narrow escape from a deranged killer, the last thing you want is for another one to ring you up in the last few minutes of the film. Such is the case for Clarice Starling. Perhaps it’s time for Clarice to use the services of her Vodafone Athy store. All she has to do is go to to find it.

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Clarice has a problem. She needs to find Buffalo Bill. Bill likes to murder people and is pretty graphic about it. Suffice to say he has gone insane but is proving very elusive. The FBI decides that they need the help of another deranged human being to help them catch him. That person is Dr Hannibal Lecter.

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Whenever Lecter is allowed out of his cell, which is virtually never, he has to be muzzled and kept in a straight jacket. The reason for this is Dr Hannibal Lecter likes to consume his victims and he’s not afraid to take a bite out of someone. Lecter helps Clarice crack the case but escapes. He rings her to reassure her he won’t be coming after her. In fact, he quite likes her. She can’t say she won’t chase him but you get the feeling that she has a grudging respect for Lecter after all.

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