Modern Styling for the Home

Modern style has recently been focused on aspects like softer lines and minimalism. However, recent months have seen a definite shift towards warmth and comfort. The ‘Less is more principle’ is getting a new approach.

The basics of modern styling have always been sleek and simple with a colour palette including white, black, earth tones and various types of grey. You need to make sure that the colour you choose will apply to your modern theme and your choice of furniture. If you want to add some bold and bright colours, why not consider a feature wall with vibrant wallpaper or artwork? It’s best to stick to just one wall though, or else it could interfere with the simplicity and peace that comes with modern décor.

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Two of the most important features of modern-inspired decor is that of openness and space, such as open-plan space where the living room, kitchen and dining room all flow. By and large open spaces such as these need to be filled with a great yet simple style furniture, a corner sofa may be simple but comfortable and a 3-seater sofa can be incorporated into this kind of space without overcrowding the area. Furniture is also important, go for a sleeker and more compact TV stand or cabinet and simply designed units, shelves or book cases. For the bedroom and the kitchen, pick out built-in units and free-standing furniture.

Natural Accents

The basic colours remain popular, such as white, grey and brown and when paired up with natural materials such as wood, rattan, and bamboo, look amazing. This ensures a comfortable touch and finish. This combination is also applicable to the use of home accessories. You might think there’s not much more to creating a modern decor; but there is!

Lighting in modern decor

Lighting is one of the most important finishes for the interior and can include materials and colours that you might not have considered before, such as wood, glass, black, metallics or rattan, for example. However, you shouldn’t only focus on style and appearance as lighting must offer function as well as form. For a warmer, more comfortable approach, homeowners are turning to indirect lighting for provides a warm and atmospheric effects on white or beige walls, for example. Remember to pair up light fittings with Ceiling Roses to really set them off. For a wide variety, visit a site like

Black is the new modern

Black accents as part of your home décor can completely transform your kitchen, for example.  All you need are some small accents in and around the home and you might be surprised at the use of such a dark colour but black has now become an important part of our home decor.

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So, it is not so unusual nowadays to see a room like a kitchen or bathroom decorated in black. However, not everything has to be dark and depressing though, you can add some fun colour accents to brighten and liven up the decor. Begin by looking at some sleek accessories with a natural twist to get you started!


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