Why feeding your staff leads to better performance

With today’s growing awareness about staff wellbeing and conditions and a more active jobs market, smart employers are thinking about how they can improve staff morale and productivity to ensure they don’t lose good workers.

One area that is low-cost but big reward is food. Everyone loves to eat, and even the grumpiest employee will partake in a slice of pizza or a healthy well-being buffet supplied by an office catering company such as https://www.crumbsdelivered.co.uk/index.php/product-category/lunch/. Feeding your staff can also lead to better performance, so let’s take a look at the reasons behind this.


The opportunity to come together as a team and discuss non-work-related topics allows team members and management to bond with each other. Eating together is a ritual as old as time for humans, with most celebrations in society revolving around coming together to eat in some way.

Encouraging workers to bond with each other can lead to better work outcomes, as strong professional bonds lead to better teamwork and a more motivated workforce. Book a local restaurant, organise a picnic, or order an office lunch delivery and get your team together for some quality time.

Reduced stress

Eating a healthy diet is known to reduce stress. If your workplace can be high-pressure at times, investing in providing food for your team can help manage this issue. Healthy food reduces inflammation in the body and makes workers more resilient and less likely to be sick.

When workers are extremely busy, they are also less motivated to eat well and often reach for unhealthy options at home and in the office. You can give them a helping hand by providing high-quality whole foods.

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Improving health

Offices can be minefields when it comes to food choices, with junk food and baked goods amongst popular options. While the occasional sweet treat can be good for mood and morale, it may lead to sugar crashes later in the day and a drop in productivity. Workplaces can counter this by ensuring there are lots of healthy options available.

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