Why an overflowing bin could be an accident waiting to happen

We’ve all seen an overflowing tray on a colleague’s desk or a full bin that’s been left without having been emptied. It could be your bin, with which you are constantly playing Jenga by balancing empty food packets and crumpled-up balls of paper on top of drinks bottles. You may find that your bin is responsible for a rubbish-induced trip or slip.

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Now whilst a cleaning company can help with your everyday cleaning and emptying of bins, you can also help by ensuring that there are enough recycling and normal bins located around the office.

One of the most common workplace accidents is slipping and falling. Trips and falls are the most common workplace accidents causing millions in sickness leave and compensation. Tripping hazards include boxes and other items placed in narrow hallways, loose carpets, cables trailing, and bins overflowing.

Keeping workstations, floor space and walkways clear is essential to avoid the risk of injury to staff. If your office has overflowing waste bins or piles of recycled paper waiting to be sorted, then consider the benefits of Newport recycling and waste management from a site like https://www.printwaste.co.uk/business-recycling-solutions/newport-recycling-and-waste-management

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Lifting items is the second most common cause of injury. It doesn’t have to be a heavy object or one with an awkward shape. If you lift a light-weight box incorrectly, it can injure your neck and back. One employee’s back spasmed after he leaned awkwardly across his desk to reach the keyboard. He was taken from the office in a stretcher as his back became locked. Manual handling courses are required for workers who lift and move objects on a regular basis, whether it is boxes or people in the care sector.

The use of the incorrect furniture and equipment at your workstation can also cause injury. This can include back and neck problems, as well as eye strain, muscle strain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Training should always be available on the best ways to use equipment to avoid stress, strain and injury.

The last possibility is that of items falling. This risk is increased when you work in a company that stores objects above your head. The risk of injury from falling objects is higher in warehouses and factories. They often have strict policies on risks to avoid this or else the site would be a very hazardous place to work indeed!

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