What you need to know about male baldness

Male baldness is one of the most common medical conditions affecting men. For both males and females, the loss of hair in the form of a receding hairline or general balding can have a significant psychological effect. Men who suffer from premature balding are often perceived as having a less-than-perfect appearance, and experience symptoms such as increased social isolation, depression, decreased sexual performance, and even diminished work productivity.

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One of the biggest factors that contribute to male baldness is a lack of new hair growth on the scalp. Since male baldness occurs as a result of the thinning of the follicles underneath the hair line, it is common for doctors to check for signs of new hair growth in these areas by placing a special dye in the skin. If the dye detects any sign of new hair growth, usually this is an indication that the follicles are beginning to produce hair again.  Scalp Micropigmentation is a treatment that can help to improve the look of areas where the hair has started to become lost and you can find this from professionals such as His Hair Clinic.

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In addition to this, new hair growth in bald areas on the scalp may also be caused by the expansion of blood vessels in the area. Blood vessels in the scalp appear to enlarge when there is a deficit of oxygen. Thus, a low oxygen level in the scalp may also lead to the appearance of new hair in these areas; however, this is not the primary cause of baldness.

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