Top Six Tips For Losing Weight With Probiotics

Tips For Losing Weight With Probiotics

The benefits of probiotics are well known when it comes to your immune system, allergies, and digestive complaints. However, scientists are now tapping into the use probiotics for weight loss, and have discovered exciting results. In one study of post-op gastric bypass surgery patients, scientists found that probiotic usage increased weight loss by 8 percent over three months.

We typically don’t think of how the bacteria in our stomach can contribute to the way in which we absorb nutrients and calories, despite the recent attention probiotics have gained. Yet those with a healthy balance of bacteria in their stomach are less likely to extract calories from food, only to deposit those calories into fat. If you are hoping to lose weight with probiotics, your goal should be the restoration of balance between the unhealthy and healthy bacterial strains.

Overweight people typically have 90 percent of the healthy bacteria in their gut as do thin people, with 20 percent more unhealthy strains. Unhealthy strains of bacteria are often the result of a diet too high in sugars and processed foods, which create an environment in which these strains can thrive.

Here are six tips that can help you maximize the effects of Keybiotics Probiotics in your diet.

Tips For Losing Weight With Probiotics

  1. Weight loss isn’t quite as simple as calories in and calories out, though the process certainly starts there. When adding probiotics to your system, try to choose low calories options, like yogurt, sauerkraut, or supplements, in order to prevent high calorie foods from disrupting the course of your diet.
  2. Look at the label. Supplements may offer millions of bacterial strains in each capsule, but each one of those strains must survive the journey from manufacturing to the shelf. You want your probiotics to survive for a long while, so be sure to read over expiration date.
  3. Similarly, your stomach’s acid is an inhospitable environment for any living organism, and many bacterial strains won’t live past the initial dosage. The more organisms listed on the bottle, the more likely they are to survive the transition. Consider choosing a brand listing billions of strains, rather than millions.
  4. Don’t depend on your weight alone, and look at how your body changes instead . While your weight in pounds might not change, probiotics can decrease swelling and inflammation to your stomach. If you’re hoping to lose weight from your belly, a probiotic supplement can help to improve your appearance, regardless of a number on a scale.
  5. Adding probiotics to your diet isn’t enough to see optimal weight loss results because the food you eat controls what bacterial strains will live or die in the long term. In addition to adding healthy probiotics, cut out sugary foods. This will help to kill off the unhealthy bacterial strains already in your stomach, helping to build a more complex range of microflora.
  6. Take advantage of the boost in energy. Because Keybiotics Probiotics help your digestive system to speed up your metabolism, you may feel more lively after taking a supplement. Don’t waste that energy – try hitting the gym instead for even better results!

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