The National Trust wonders in Gloucestershire

A county that is blessed with a huge number of National Trust properties is Gloucestershire. There is something for everyone whether they be lovers of the formal and landscaped garden, ancient ruins, grand country houses or a quirky anomaly that doesn’t fit anywhere. It’s one of the many reasons to live in the county as it gives you plenty of options to choose from for something to do. Park Homes for Sale in Gloucestershire are a great option. Find the most recent additions to the list of park homes for sale in Gloucestershire, then checkout these places.

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  1. Dyrham Park. One of the largest Houses the trust owns, this Neo Gothic pile is just off the M4 at Junction 18. It has a formal garden, family chapel, various works of art and a landscape garden that has a large hill fort in it.
  2. Chedworth Roman Villa. The remains of a Roman Villa from the 2nd to the 4th century. It even has the original mosaics still in place. It is set in the glorious Gloucestershire countryside.
  3. Lodge Park. Our ancestors loved horse racing plus Deer and Hare coursing. So much so they built this classical viewing house for a good time. With wonderful views and a rolling landscape to get lost in, you can also see the remains of a round barrow hidden in the property.

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  1. Snowshill Manor. The work of an eccentric collector, the Elizabethan Mansion and formal garden features bikes, artisan cabinets, dolls, old toys, models, clocks and the largest collection of Samurai Armour outside of Japan (about to be chucked out of a junk shop in Cheltenham).

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