Why speaking alone is good for your health?

speaking alone

It must be admitted, we all have already spoken to ourselves. Whether it is a few words or a real monologue, speaking alone is a habit shared by a large part of the population. We often think that it is a very bad habit or that it is not something “normal”.

However, this is absolutely not the case. When it comes to these kinds of things, it’s important to understand that normality does not exist. For an American professor, talking on your own would be good for your health.


  • Speaking alone would be good?
  • It would help identify oneself better in space

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Speaking alone would be good?

According to an American psychologist, speaking alone would actually be a good thing. According to him, it is a habit that has positive effects on the cognitive level as well as the behavioral plan. Indeed, language is a way of verbalizing one’s thoughts, of expressing them in a healthy way. When we express an idea with words, it takes shape in a more concrete way. It is also a way of taking a step back from your thinking.

speaking aloneIt was Ethan Kross, a professor of psychology at the University of Michigan, who expressed this idea. For him, speaking alone really helps to take a step back in a situation. This can lead to real awareness. In this way, we can make more rational decisions. According to him, “language provides us with a tool to distance ourselves from our own experiences when we think about our lives”. For some, talking is the best solution. For others, writing works even better. continue reading: 6 Amazing tips to learn how to handle your anger

It would help identify oneself better in space

According to the same teacher, speaking alone would also help to better identify oneself in space. Indeed, if one loses an object, for example, the fact of speaking while trying to look for it would make it possible to find it more quickly and easily. Incredible, no? And yet, a 2012 study in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology also supports his thesis. When one loses one’s keys or one’s mobile phone, verbally expressing one’s ideas at the time of the search makes it easier to find the object in question.

So, before self-judging when you find yourself talking by yourself, it is important to understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong or abnormal with this practice. And then, it’s something we all do from time to time! Of course, if you start losing control of your words and speak alone in public, it may be a sign that something is wrong. But as long as this habit is occasional, there is no need to worry! As Professor Ethan Kross says, it’s even something positive!

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