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best car insurance companies

Car insurance is a necessary financial protection. However, not all insurers are created equal. Consider factors like price, customer service ratings, and digital tools when choosing a company for your following policy.

The best car insurance companies combine affordable rates with reliable customer service. But they also offer competitive rates and discounts, including those for lowering mileage, bundling policies, and taking a defensive driving course.


The type of coverage you choose can significantly impact your car insurance Newark DE costs. However, don’t be so focused on lowering your rates that you can skip coverage you may not need. For instance, having enough liability coverage to protect your assets is a good idea if you are sued for causing an accident. You also want the same personal injury protection and collision coverage on your vehicles.

In addition to selecting the right coverage, you can lower your rates by raising your deductible, combining your auto and home policies with the same company, taking a defensive driving course, and reporting a change in your daily commute distance to your insurer. Discounts can vary by insurer, so check with several carriers to find the best ones.

Be aware that some insurers use credit-based insurance scores in setting their rates, which are banned in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Michigan. This can raise your rates and make you appear riskier in their eyes, even if it’s not true.


There are a variety of factors that affect the overall cost of car insurance. Many of these concern your situation and history behind the wheel. For example, drivers with a good record typically enjoy lower rates than those with a bad one. And the type of vehicle you drive will also play a role. Cars that are more expensive to repair or more susceptible to theft often carry higher premiums than cheaper models.

Some states even have laws that allow insurers to charge different prices based on gender (although Nerd Wallet points out that the word “gender” is used in a way that’s confusingly similar to the term “sex,” which refers to biological traits).

Other factors that can affect the price you pay include the amount of driving you do and your location. Neighborhoods with low crime rates or rural areas tend to have lower fees than urban ones.

Customer Service

The overall cost of car insurance depends on various factors, including where you live, your driving record, and your vehicle type. But the company you choose can make a big difference in your price.

Many insurers boast of their stellar customer service in their advertising campaigns. They may mention that they have top ratings in customer satisfaction from reputable groups such as the Insurance Information Institute (III) and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners or that J.D. Power has named them the highest-ranked insurer in regional auto insurance customer satisfaction surveys.

USAA, for example, ranks highly in both categories and offers competitive rates on a wide range of coverage options, from $1 million liability limits for luxury cars to loan/lease payoff coverage and roadside assistance. It also offers discounts such as a paid-in-full discount and safe driving rewards through its Snapshot telematics program. However, recent reviews with the Better Business Bureau indicate that the company’s service needs to be improved in some areas.


When it comes to car insurance add-ons, many different types of covers are available. While they may increase the premium, having them offers more comprehensive coverage and reduces out-of-pocket expenses in case of claims. However, it is essential to assess your requirements and choose the appropriate add-ons that meet them.

A good example is roadside assistance, which covers towing, battery jump starts, flat tires, on-site repair, and more for a relatively low monthly cost. Another famous cover is legal expenses insurance, compensating for out-of-pocket legal fees for an accident or theft.

Although bare minimum coverage costs less, it leaves you financially vulnerable. Adding on add-ons like comprehensive insurance and collision insurance can give you peace of mind while driving and save you money in the long run.

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