Piano Movers Wrap Pianos Securely

Piano moving professionals are careful to make sure that pianos are effectively wrapped and covered before they move them. It’s an essential step, and it can prevent a piano from getting damaged in several ways.

Scratched Pianos

People might think that wrapping a piano in a simple material like plastic won’t make much of a difference. However, even if no one drops the piano while it’s being moved, it can still get quickly scratched if it comes in contact with a wall or other surface during the journey.

Pianos that aren’t effectively covered may get scratched multiple times, which could noticeably change the instrument’s appearance. When it’s a new piano, even a single scratch could be fairly obvious from certain angles.

If there’s a barrier between the piano itself and its surroundings, the piano might not get any new scratches at any point throughout the moving process. Professional piano movers Seattle-based may use specialized types of quilted padding material to thoroughly protect the piano’s exterior.

Fragile Components

The keys of a piano can be particularly delicate. If the keys themselves accidentally hit something when the piano is getting moved, customers might need to get them repaired later. Fixing piano keys afterwards can be difficult.

If the entire piano has been covered using sturdy quilted or plastic material, the keys are much less likely to be damaged, even if the piano comes in contact with any sort of tough surface when it’s being relocated. The keys also won’t be scratched.

The scratches that form on piano keys might be harder to see than the ones on the rest of the piano. However, those scratches might also change the way that the keys feel, which can make a difference for the piano players who are used to using a specific instrument. Simple covers will help them preserve those pianos.

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