Party Essentials That Double as Decor

If you’re planning a party or event, you have several details to consider for the perfect results. The decorations you choose can help set the tone for a successful gathering. However, if you’re limited by a tight budget or small venue, it can be hard to decide what’s worth the cost. Fortunately, you can save money and space when you invest in quality party essentials that can double as fabulous decor.

Delightful Desserts

Whether you’re serving cakes in schaumburg il or an assortment of bite-sized sweets, a beautifully made dessert is designed to be the perfect focal point at any event. After all, people are drawn to food! Order professionally made desserts that are sure to catch your guests’ eye while delighting their taste buds.

Sparkling Stemware

One of the easiest ways to decorate a table is to set it! Arranging beautiful dishes, glasses and flatware fills the empty spaces of the table and looks much more elegant than stacking them near the food table. However, you can also use your stemware to create a gorgeous drink table that doubles as a stunning visual. Fill a table with wine glasses and champagne flutes of various sizes, shapes and heights. Light small candles and intersperse them among the stemware for a magical, sparkling look. The glass will reflect the light for an amplified effect.

Fabulous Favors

Every good host sends their guests home with a memorable favor. Rather than placing the small gifts at each seat, display them on a beautiful table setting near the party’s exit. Choose items that compliment your color palette or theme. If the product itself contrasts with your decor, use simple boxes or other wrappings for a coordinated look. Use flat or tiered trays to create towering or sweeping displays.

With a little planning, your most basic party components can also serve as gorgeous decorations. Give these tips a try for an event that wows at any location or budget.

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