Metal Bonding Adhesives – Installation And Sealing.

The application of a bonding adhesive is easier than you think, especially if you get the right type from companies like CT1. You can use them for a variety of jobs. It is important to prepare the metal in an area away from water or other liquids. You can make use of silicon spray to clean the metal and remove any oil residue. It is also important to clean the metal with acetone and soap solution to remove any remaining oil.

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To apply this bonding glue, you must first go through all the steps related to metal bonding, product preparation, surface preparation and construction. After preparing the metal in an ideal place away from water, use a brush to remove any dust particles from the surface and then make sure to take out all protruding joints. Be very sure to remove all coating, marks of previous adhesive, galvanized layer and corrosion protection from the exposed surface. For the next step of surface preparation, use an alcohol pad and clean the surfaces to be bonded. Make sure to remove all dirt particles and then dry with the help of a hair dryer in a completely enclosed space. The final step of this process is the assembly, which is made simple by using aluminum sheets and aluminum foils and then filling the joints with the metal bonding adhesive.

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Aluminum sheet must be laid directly on the mold that you are using for the metal bonding adhesive for it to adhere properly. A piece of wood should be kept below the mold to keep it from moving when you bend it. It is important to note that aluminum foils are not a good substitute for aluminum sheets. Aluminum foils are considered to be poor and lower quality foils and are not suitable for use with metal bonding adhesives. For proper results it is better to use aluminum sheet directly.


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