Maximising space in a child’s bedroom

Children tend to be given the smallest room in the house for a bedroom and yet, quite often, have the most stuff! Children usually have a pile of kit and they need space to perform a number of tasks, as well, from playing or doing homework, to a location for sleepovers! Moreover, as the children’s room is the only place in the house that kids can call their own, it is important that their personality is reflected in the decor. Here are some space-saving ideas to help you keep on top of things:

Max-up storage

Never underestimate how much storage children need, now and in the future. Even if the room is small, it is important to build as much storage as possible and thinking ahead, too. Children tend to only gather more stuff as they grow, so choose pieces that are bigger than your children today might require.

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Exploiting space in the attic

Take advantage of the space under the roof in an attic bedroom. Small corners are probably still large enough for a table, while a long, low section of space under the eaves can be transformed into a comfortable sleeping cabin.

Built-in furniture

Built-in furniture is a smart idea in small spaces. It will utilize the most awkward angles or under-used corners and has a sturdy assurance perfect for children’s rooms, which can be a place for rough and tumble! You can also get your child involved in furniture design or choosing the materials, so that they feel part of the project and love the results. Choose Fitted Wardrobes Hampshire from

Build a platform

In a small room, building a platform bed is a great idea. This raised section can incorporate a lot of storage, too. Mix designs with a variety of drawers and cupboards of different sizes and shapes and maybe include a nice table, too.

Use the space below the window

When space is tight, you may have no choice but to position the bed under the window, but this should not be a problem. Make sure the window is locked for safety, and suitable blackout curtains prevent the sunlight in the morning disturbing your sleeping child.

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Remember to de-clutter

Make a small room look larger by keeping them tidy and clear of clutter. This is where it’s useful to consider built-in cabinets, shelves and even a desk area to make great use of space, providing plenty of storage so the floor is kept clear and light and with an open feel.

Make decorating work

Hanging many pictures can make the walls look a mess and the room smaller, so choose a simple wall decoration for small rooms.


Bunk beds are a great way to free up space in the bedrooms of small children, and many modern versions come with built-in storage below, further enhancing their usability.

Go mini

Selecting the size of children’s furniture for rooms short-on-space is important. A small table and chairs offer a place to draw or do homework and will tuck tidily  into the corner or go for something vintage and visit retro shops looking for old school desks and chairs.

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